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Nimblechapps is a reputed Moodle Development Company for startups, small businesses and Enterprises. Our bespoke Moodle development services are optimized to provide maximum value to your business. Having delivered 600+ web projects, Nimblechapps is a company you can trust with building effective, innovative, customer-centric eCommerce applications to achieve measurable success.

What We Offer

Moodle Development

Discover Moodle Development Services of Nimblechapps to achieve business goals and drive growth for your business.

Moodle Consultation

Nimblechapps is an innovator in providing Moodle consulting solutions to brands from different industries and business needs.

Moodle Customization

Our bespoke themes are incredibly attractive and are carefully curated to offer convenience and meet your unique needs.

Moodle App Development

With more than 7 years of experience, Nimblechapps provides you Moodle App Development solutions at effective rates.

Moodle Plugin Development

At Nimblechapps, we offer you robust plugins that will help you achieve 4X business growth.

Moodle Integration & Migration

Update from your existing LMS to Moodle any time with our Moodle Migration and Integration services.

Moodle Support & Maintenance

Our Moodle support team is experienced to handle any technical and administrative issues instantly.

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Industries we serve

We offer web and mobile app development services, and digital marketing solutions to conquer the unparalleled challenges and create value for brands across various industries.

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Key Features of Moodle

Why choose Moodle Development?

Moodle development is an ideal choice for small businesses and even large enterprises. Here’s why your business should consider Moodle development for an enhanced user experience.


Moodle is open-source and hence is free for everyone to use which can help you reduce your costs.


Moodle is trusted by businesses and institutions around the world including Microsoft, State University of New York and more.

Easy to Use

It has a simple interface with excellent drag-and-drop features along with detailed resources for maintenance.

Highly Flexible

Due to its open-source nature, Moodle can be tailored to your business needs.


Moodle is available in all the widely used languages so that you can prepare your courses in your own language.

Large Community

Moodle has a large community of developers, teachers and designers around the world working in sync for product enhancements.


Why choose Nimblechapps?

At Nimblechapps, we strive to offer custom Moodle development solutions to meet your business requirements. We do not compromise on design and eagerly look forward to working with our clients on each and every aspect of the project.

Flexible Model

We provide a flexible model to our partners to select from multiple engagement and hiring models.


When Plan A does not work, we have Plan B and C handy. Our Moodle developers are always ready to think out of the box.


At Nimblechapps, every problem is an opportunity to work hard and deliver the best solutions.

Attractive Pricing

We provide a combination of high-quality work and cost-effective pricing.

Value Providers

We enable our clients to gain maximum value with the perfect blend of web and mobile app development services.

Team Work

Our experienced team of Moodle developers are experienced in providing quality business solutions on multiple frameworks and technologies.

How We Work

How to Work with Moodle Developers?

We provide a one-stop Moodle solution for your educational business. A five step process that provides a high quality application for your business. At Nimblechapps, we proudly follow the agile methodology for dynamic results.


Our business team performs a detailed analysis of your project requirements before we assess and set parameters for the design and development stages.


We offer our core competencies in the areas that will meet your business objectives and provide cost-effective solutions through regular feedback and dialogue.


Once we identify and prioritize requirements, a product roadmap is shared with you that is broken down into milestones for smooth performance and ease of tracking.

Design & Development

When the budget, milestones and features are final, our design team starts working on the prototypes. Once the prototype is ready, the development team starts the coding process.


Testing is a critical stage where we test every aspect of the application from performance to usability before the app is rolled out on the respective platforms.

Our Arsenal

Tools & Technology





Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code

Android Studio

Android Studio

A One-Stop Solution

What can we do for you?

If you are interested to find out more about how we can help your business, please provide your contact information and project brief. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours.



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There are more than 100 customization options available to change how Moodle looks and tailor it to your business requirements. It is easy to modify your main body, header, footer, colors, fonts etc with minimal coding and CSS experience.

Moodle enables you to have better control over various aspects of your e-learning program. The control is much deeper and is not simply restricted to visual appeal but also includes the overall performance and functionality.

Moodle allows you to have a lot more control over multiple aspects of your e-learning program. This control is much deeper. It is not just limited to visual appearance but also extends to the overall performance and functionality.

The cost of building a Moodle website or app depends on your project requirements as it involves complexity of the project, the number of features, scalability, locations to be included and experience and skill of the development team. Contact us today for a free estimate of your Moodle development project.

The average time it takes to develop a Moodle website is around 2-3 months. Now, it can take longer than if there are more product pages, added features, API integration, payment integration and general complexity.

At Nimblechapps, we have a combination of business process analysis and technical expertise to offer a variety of IT solutions including Website Designing, Website Development, Graphic Designing, Software Development and SEO services.