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Being a renowned Angular.js development company in India, we provide Angular.js development solutions to businesses of all sizes and industries. Our experienced development team builds quality Angular.js solutions at a competitive price.

What We Offer

Development Services

Delve into the bespoke and quality focused Angular Development Services to integrate with the experience of the core team who can build it from scratch.

API Integration

We provide enterprise-centric and high-quality Angular base API development consulting services according to your requirements.

Angular Migration

Our experienced Angular development team can help you migrate your current web apps from any platform to Angular.

Bespoke Software Development

At Nimblechapps, we offer custom, secure, mobile-responsive and scalable Angular web app development solutions.

Angular App Maintenance

We make sure that you have full angular app maintenance to stay ahead of the competition.


At Nimblechapps, we have a group of Angular experts to meet your business needs and offer cost efficient solutions across multiple various industries.

Single Page Apps

Our Angular app developers have developed applications for two-way data binding which can be updated in real-time.

Please share your Angular.js web app development idea with us.

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Industries we serve

We offer web and mobile app development services, and digital marketing solutions to conquer the unparalleled challenges and create value for brands across various industries.

Real Estate




Supply Chain

Travel App



Social Network

Key Features of Angular.js

Why choose Angular.js Web App Development?

Angular.js is a popular framework to develop high-quality web applications with premium features and functionality.


Angular uses TypeScript, a superset of JavaScript, which enables swift and scalable code development.

Range of Solutions

Comes with a great feature set and ready modules to reduce the development time.

Rapid Development

Angular offers high-speed capabilities without affecting the performance.

Progressive Web App

Offers dynamic, easy-to-install, low load-time Progressive web applications to improve your web platform.

Ease of Testing

Angular performs automated testing without the need to memorize a particular sequence.

Community Support

Supported by a large community of Angular developers, there are no issues that cannot be solved using the Angularjs framework.


Why choose Nimblechapps?

At Nimblechapps, we have a dedicated team of expert Angular.js web app developers with a liking for using the latest tools and technologies for developing enterprise web applications.

Our Expertise

Our Angular.js development team has 5+ years of experience working on hundreds of web and mobile app projects with a skill of using the latest tools.

Business Ethics

At Nimblechapps, we proudly follow industry standards and have an ethical culture that relies on long term relationships.

Balanced Partner

Our team of designers and developers strike a balance for each and every web and mobile application project.

Flexible Model

We offer a flexible model to our partners to select from multiple engagement and hiring models.

Value Providers

We allow our clients and partners to gain maximum value with the perfect blend of web and mobile app development services.

Team Work

Our experienced team of Angular.js Web App developers are experienced in providing quality business solutions on multiple frameworks and technologies.

How We Work

How to Work with Angular.js Web App Developers?

We offer a one-stop software solution for your business. A five step process that provides a high quality application for your business. At Nimblechapps, we proudly follow the agile methodology for dynamic results.


Our business development team performs a detailed analysis of your project requirements before we assess and set parameters for the design and development stages.


We provide our core competencies in the areas that will meet your business objectives and provide cost-effective solutions through regular feedback and consultation.


Once we determine and prioritize requirements, a product roadmap is shared with you that is divided into milestones for smooth performance and ease of tracking.

Design & Development

When the budget, milestones and features are final, our design team starts working on the prototypes. Once the prototype is ready, the angular development team starts the coding process.


Testing is an important stage where we test every aspect of the application from performance to usability before the app is rolled out on the respective platforms.

Our Arsenal

Tools & Technology



Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code

A One-Stop Solution

What can we do for you?

If you are interested to find out more about how we can help your business, please provide your contact information and project brief. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours.



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You can use AngularJS to build the following applications:

Angular is a frontend framework. The capabilities of Angular do not have any of the features found in a backend language. It is a front-end framework backed by Google, helps in building single page apps and is quite popular.

Yes, we are happy to sign a NDA as we care about the security of your intellectual property. We maintain the privacy of your application idea and ensure that your information is safe.

The time taken to develop an AngularJS application will depend on a number of factors like development platform, design complexity, functionality and features, testing etc. Get in touch with us to know the estimated time of your AngularJS app development.

The cost of AngularJS application depends on a number of factors like complexity of the game, number of hours required, number of features, gameplay, number of screens, complexity of backend etc. Contact us today to get a free quote for your AngularJS application.

Our AngularJS app development process is carefully designed to guide you from one point to another. At Nimblechapps, we offer you a number of reasons to choose us, one of them is our carefully designed process. Starting from design to development and testing, we work efficiently on your business requirements.