Mobile Application Development

197 Projects Delivered

The spectacular growth in mobile app development over the years, supplemented by a crucial shift in end-user behavior has lent mobile devices with millions of dollars of untapped value. We at Nimblechapps, a leading mobile app development company recognizes this opportunity and craft mobile applications that render immersive user experience and drive business growth

Hybrid Application Development

100 Projects Delivered

At a time when mobile apps are striving for more user engagement, native-like app features are more important than ever. Hybrid mobile app development allows your app to stay native & constantly alive with those features. Building hybrid apps does not require coding from scratch but rescuing the web app’s code through an array of powerful frameworks like JavaSCript, Touch, PhoneGap, React Native or AngularJS. Nimblechapps is a reputed Hybrid App Development Company. We have catered to clients in various business sectors & continue to thrive on this opportunity to make apps that are intuitive, user-friendly & offer a seamless user experience. Our Hybrid app development solutions are tailored to your business needs. We are experts in handling the entire development process.

Game Development

55 Projects Delivered

With the gaming industry spreading its wings across every other portable device, we have made sure to cling on this exciting opportunity. Our in-house gaming team consists of ideators, designers, visual artists, beta testers and feedback experts who work collectively to deliver immersive user experience in every step of mobile game development. As a leading mobile game development company, we work tirelessly with our clients to develop narratives, character motions, scripts & storyboards for a unique gaming experience. We have a 100% success rate in developing games for our global clients on iOS, Android & Windows.

Web App Development

92 Projects Delivered

Web applications are highly effective when an enterprise or a startup wants to streamline every facet of it's business. Whether it’s revamping internal functions or reforming sales & management, a web application enables concerned parties to reach out to a wider user base. Nimblechapps, a top web app development company is committed to your venture with cutting edge responsive and mobile friendly web designs. We design and develop web apps on all major open source platforms plus create web services to provide online tools for mobile applications. Our team is proficient in all the major open source technologies. Major open source frameworks that we use are Zend, CodeIgniter, Yii, CakePHP & Angular.js. We also have expertise in CMS like Magento, Wordpress & Joomla.

Website Development

92 Projects Delivered

Web applications are highly effective when an enterprise or a startup wants to streamline every facet of their business. Whether it’s revamping internal functions or reforming sales & management, a web application enables concerned parties to reach out to a wider user base. Nimblechapps, a top web app development company is committed to your venture with cutting edge responsive and mobile friendly web designs. We design and develop web apps on all major open source platforms plus create web services to provide online tools for mobile applications. Our team is proficient in all the major open source technologies. Major open source frameworks that we use are Zend, CodeIgniter, Yii, CakePHP & Angular.js. We also have expertise in CMS like Magento, Wordpress & Joomla.

Wearable App Development

5 Projects Delivered

The wearable app industry has skyrocketed. An extension to our smartphones, it’s presence is undeniably catering to the needs of our daily lives. A multi-billion dollar market which is the center of attraction of this tech revolution. Nimblechapps, a progressive wearable app development company, consists of designers/engineers who are committed to formulating standout wearable experience with top quality wearable app development. We have a result-driven approach to ensure user engagement & business output through apps. Smartwatches are the biggest winners of the wearable app industry because it rounds up amazing functions, all under your wrist control. Unlike apps created for smartphones, smartwatches require complete design overhaul as it has to be programmed on human movements. Each of our Smartwatch applications is built to solve a customer problem in a satisfactory way & is designed to propel the engagement with your target audience.

User Experience Design

154 Projects Delivered

According to three reports published in Behaviour & Information Technology journal, it takes about 0.05 seconds for anyone to sum up their respective website user experience. The right website experience is always about the right interaction between the end user & your business. Credibility goes out of the window if it isn't compatible with the latest devices, is outdated or doesn’t match the services it promises. More negative points if the design is all over the place & fails to tickle the audience’s imagination. “The first impression matters! It’s the visual design that separates engaging websites from the rest.” Nimblechapps is a first-rate web design company that designs immersive visuals for websites. We offer a seamless viewing experience on websites irrespective of platform or device. Our in-house team draws knowledge from every aspect of designing & has successfully rolled out projects across the globe. We take pride in crafting engaging websites that drive sales & leave a long-lasting impression on your target audience.

Javascript Framework

123 Projects Delivered

One of the fundamental technologies with CSS/HTML, Javascript plays a crucial role when it comes to the interaction of web pages. Almost every other major web browser executes pages through its own dedicated Javascript engine. Google chrome extensions, Microsoft Gadgets, PDF’s, mobile games, Apple’s dashboard widgets are implemented through Javascript’s programming nature. It could run anything on the web browser. Nimblechapps is a progressive JavaScript development company, which crafts web apps for its clients. We are experts in handling the entire JavaScript web development process & have a global presence with clients spread across four continents.

Augmented Reality App Development

Closer to perfect blend between the physical and digital world, Augmented Reality (AR) is the next big thing on the block. Innovators all over the world are exploring its business relevance and the potential roles it could play in enhancing customer experience, interaction, and workforce enablement. A true sensory experience of the world straight from your living room is what AR brings to the table and to the future of business. AR has the potential of revolutionizing the Real estate, Education, Health, Travel, and e-Commerce sector. Well, who would mind a virtual fitting room before purchasing clothes online? That’s AR for you. Nimblechapps, a top AR / VR app development company, has a dedicated team of engineers and designers who are in the process of developing AR/VR games. We have a proven track record of building successful AR Apps. With the help of 360-degree imaging, 3D 2D visualization- modeling and location-based tracking, we have created highly engaging apps for our clients.

Beacon App Development

1 Project Delivered

Beacons are compact, wireless transmitters that utilize low-energy Bluetooth technology for sending a signal to other smart devices in the vicinity. Their importance has increased significantly over the period of time and is extensively used for ad campaigns online by extracting relevant data from its target audience. Nimblechapps, a prominent Beacon app development company engages with its clients for a better location and proximity experience. We provide solutions through the power of Beacon by deploying signals in the form of Bluetooth low energy (BLE) that broadcasts identifiers to nearby electronic devices through radio waves.

IOT App Development

A study by IoT particles highlights that the IoT industry will have an economic impact of $11 trillion by 2025. Nimblechapps, a cutting edge IoT app development company, has collaborated with various device manufacturers & tech companies to shape the connected reality of tomorrow with cutting-edge apps. From smart home gadgets to connected devices at the workplace, our innovative approach to IoT has enabled us to put a strong foothold in the industry.

iPad App Development

27 Projects Delivered

The iPad is simply getting better & better. It has captivated everyone’s imaginations from professional artists to kids in kindergarten. A near substitute for what the laptop has to offer today, iPads are powerful enough for any task. With touch, pencil or keyboard you can take it anywhere for all your needs. “iPad apps are the new front desk now!” The success of any organization that enters the digital world largely depends on its user base in this particular platform. From concept to launch, we are a full-service iPad application development company. iOS which powers the iPad is known for its better software & hardware integration. We follow strict quality control protocols for all our apps & bring out innovative iPad app solutions to deliver the unmatched user experience.

Custom App Development

82 Projects Completed

Custom app development services have gained considerable traction over the years. Smartphones have skyrocketed with ever increasing features & industries are vying to cater to consumers with top quality apps & exceptional user experience. This new digital infrastructure demands constant improvement on all fronts i.e. hardware, networks & software. Businesses, startups & stakeholders strive to provide high functionality features to their target audience & we are here to just deliver that. Nimblechapps, an eminent custom app development company aims at conceptualizing, building, designing & securing applications that are compatible with a range of devices & environments.

Real Estate App Development

9 Projects Delivered

The first step the majority of us take when buying or renting a house is the online property search. There are a lot of factors that one addresses before making that final move. On average, an individual might assess 50-100 properties in a week to get what they were looking for in the first place. With many options and custom search at one’s disposal, the real estate business has skyrocketed in metropolitan cities across the globe and will continue to thrive with the advent of technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality, and real estate robots. Nimblechapps, a leading real estate app development agency streamlines real estate operations by building apps that ease and automate the renting and buying process. Our real estate mobility solutions are tailored for real estate developers, rental agencies, agents, property lookers, enterprises and housing/building societies.

Travel App Development

3 Projects Delivered

The world is at the fingertips for many with the emergence of smartphones. With real-time information, users can plan and book a vacation from practically anywhere. From flight to the hotel to transportation, the majority of travelers prefer a mobile application for all their needs including travel insurance. Powered with domain-specific apps, the tourism industry has benefited from the rapid pace of technology and improved standards of living around the world. At Nimblechapps, we understand that tourism is one of the most dynamic sectors, with innumerable links to other segments of the economy. Considering this we design travel applications that encompass all traveling needs for individuals and enterprises. Whether it's individual planning a trip or an agency expanding its customer base, we deliver travel app services that are unmatched in the industry with the sole objective of making it less labor-intensive and user-friendly for all their traveling needs.

Restaurant App Development

2 Project Delivered

We at Nimblechapps, blend the entire restaurant process with mobility solutions. Whether you are running a 10 table or multi-restaurant chain or perhaps starting new, we help integrate, optimize and streamline all your business operations with on-demand food delivery apps. As a leading food delivery app development company we extend remarkable services to your customers by deploying the latest technological trends and boost your food and restaurant business with the power of mobile.

On Demand App Development

197 Projects Delivered

The unprecedented growth of on-demand apps is fueled by user’s needs and expectations that have taken many industries by storm. On-demand services have become an integral part of our lives and more mobility solutions only make it better. With a clean design and a rapid pace of development, Nimblechapps caters to business verticals with real-time goods and services. From ideation to design and development, we are a one-stop solution for all your business requirements.

Social Media App Development

01 Projects Delivered

Social media has come a long way to be this impactful in our everyday lives and will continue to evolve and reach us in many exciting ways. It’s a massive lead generation platform for any business and in the end, it’s all about brands vying to attract potential customers through online advertising and marketing campaigns. Nimblechapps is a leading social media app development company that crafts immersive social interactions among communities, groups, businesses, and startups. We understand that having a social media presence is not only important but also critical in this competitive digital environment.

Education App Development

15 Projects Delivered

Online learning is successfully challenging the traditional methods of classroom systems. With the use of animation, infographics & audio narration, the quality & scale of content is simply getting better with time. The extensive educational library one can access on their fingertips is astonishing that has captured the imagination of kids and adults alike. At Nimblechapps we blend classrooms with education mobility solutions. Whether it is to deliver training and induction courses or educational and assessment tools, we craft user-centric applications across multiple platforms and devices.

Fashion App Development

Nimblechapps is a leading fashion app development company. We cater to established brands and to the emerging ones on all fronts. Our experience and expertise in the industry make us a trusted choice for your next fashion app idea. Whether you are looking forward to having your own e-commerce fashion website/mobile app or a complete chain of management software, we have got you covered. Revamp your business and boost your sales by extending 24/7 access to a wide collection of apparel. Market, sell and operate all over the world with a high functionality fashion app.

Salesforce Development

5 Projects Delivered

SalesForce is undoubtedly the world’s number one cloud platform provider. As a cloud computing and social enterprise SaaS (software-as-a-service), it automates and synchronizes sales, market and customer services across all business verticals. With the power of Salesforce, we devise strategies that are designed to boost the acquisition and retention rate of our clients. At Nimblechapps, we aim to scale the value of your enterprise through salesforce. Our certified salesforce developers deliver personalized solutions after a thorough evaluation of your product and business requirements.

Artificial Intelligence (Ai) Development

With the help of AI, humans are understanding data through new models and are generating actionable insights into daily walks of life. This technology is complementing the human brain unlike seen before. For e.g. personal assistants like Siri and Alexa have become part of our voice and non-voice based interactions. Ola and Uber provide us hassle-free rides with the single tap of a button and from live chatbots to self-driving cars, the future looks bright with AI. Nimblechapps is a progressive artificial intelligence development firm that helps enterprises/businesses seek revenue growth through automation and analytics. With the help of machine learning. our artificial intelligence solutions render self-learning ability to systems so that they can improve themselves without being programmed.

Startup App Development

15 Projects Delivered

Nimblechapps is a leading startup app development company that provides automated solutions to emerging enterprises and brands. We craft applications that are intuitive, interactive and reliable for multiple business verticals. We know what it takes to launch a product, and our in-house team is adept with all the latest tools and frameworks to deliver the app of your choice. We are committed to helping startups stand out from their competitors and devise strategies that cultivate the growth of user-engagement across products and services.

Supply Chain

1 Project Delivered

Innovate, optimize costs, improve profitability, enable flexibility and ensure transparency with supply chain management services offered by Nimblechapps More often than not conflicting objectives coupled with increased costs affects an organization’s supply chain which in turn determines its success and failure in the marketplace. To tackle this recurring problem faced by startups and enterprises, we combine the industry’s best practices with the latest cloud and supply chain solutions. Our supply chain experts devise strategies that aim to increase asset utilization and decrease manufacturing lead times. As a Supply Chain Management company, we also assist you in efforts that help you collaborate efficiently with partners and suppliers so that you always fulfill user's demands and expectations across business verticals.

Mobile App Porting

Our developers have proven technical expertise in porting applications on mobile platforms. With mobile app porting one can make the existing app usable and adaptable on other platforms and environments. Rewriting codes and building mobile applications every time from the ground up is not a viable solution anymore and we at Nimblechapps make the porting process smooth sailing for our client’s every business needs.

Convert Website Into Android & iPhone App

There is no denying the fact that modern users prefer mobile apps over websites and spend considerable time on the former to fulfill their needs. At Nimblechapps, we craft mobile apps (iOS and Android) to streamline your business operations. Mobile apps are not only faster but also attempt to engage the user with tailored services and products. Business websites have their own limitations, whereas one can tap into numerous opportunities with apps that constantly strive to meet user demands and expectations. We build mobile apps that standout amongst the competition.

Healthcare App Development

20 Projects Delivered

Health is now managed with just a few clicks through apps that have brought massive advancement in healthcare systems. Health monitoring has become a standard practice that is supplemented by wearable devices and smartphones. Some types of equipment that only prime institutions could maintain are now accessible through healthcare apps. It is not surprising to see health and fitness apps reaching a million marks on downloads whereas close to 50% of users track health parameters on a daily basis. Nimblechapps is a progressive healthcare app development company that promotes wellness and healthy living. Whether it is hospital management or patient care, our in-house team crafts high functionality apps that are powered with diagnosis, treatment, and prevention mechanisms across multiple platforms and devices.

App Testing & QA

At Nimblechapps, our inhouse-team consists of certified ISTQB engineers who have proven technical expertise in manual and automated testing. By mitigating risk throughout the development phase, we craft apps that are highly secured and bug-free. We constantly improve our workflows and processes to deliver advanced mobile and web testing services. With the rapid pace of development, we not only drive conversion rates but also help our clients save time and money in the process. Our end-to-end processes are powered with dedicated support for every aspect of the product, no matter the platform or device. Whether it is conducting risk assessments, security audits, testing performance, functionality, localization, UI or implementing complex testing automation, our QA team has a proven skillset to scale your app into a profitable venture.

Digital Marketing

Nimblechapps is an agile, talented and full-service digital marketing agency that doesn’t depend on dirty tactics to attract new clients. Alternately, Nimblechapps relies on its own search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing skills to drive new clients to our website. We are not a one-dimensional company as we do not restrict ourselves to certain industries. Nimblechapps has the expertise and experience to develop a custom website or mobile application and use various digital marketing services to help any business across any industry vertical.