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Sencha Touch is a brilliant development framework popular among mobile app developers thanks to its flexibility in offering a native feel to the web apps. With intuitive and rich touch interfaces Sencha Touch allows a rewarding user experience for mobile apps. We build powerful and intuitive cross-platform mobile apps with a supple native experience.

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Key Aspects of our Sencha Touch Application Development

Sencha Touch is a sought after framework that besides ensuring sophisticated user experience simplifies app development process with reusability of codes and robust database.

Thoroughly Native

Sencha Touch is great for building intuitive web apps with a highly grounded and easy to access native look and feel across multiple platforms.

Flexible Feature Management

Sencha Touch is a great cross-platform framework equipped to deliver optimum flexibility with a gamut of features and robust performance.

MVC Based

Sencha Touch is an MVC based framework boosts the pace of development thanks to reusability of codes.

Active Database Support

Sencha Touch is a framework that comes with robust active database support to ensure high-quality and high-performance mobile apps.

Competitive Advantage‚Ä®

With the unmatched cost-effectiveness of Sencha Touch framework, you reliably to get the competitive advantage of low cost of development without compromising on performance and features.

We Build Robust Cross-Platform Apps with Sencha Touch

We build robust cross-platform apps using Sencha Touch framework which is regarded as a blend of all important web languages like HTML 5, CSS3 and Javascript along with the power of MVC style.

One Perfect Cross-Platform App

We leverage the power of Sencha Touch to build one perfect cross-platform app for multiple platforms including iOS, Android and Windows Mobile.

Deliver the Web in Native

Thanks to Sencha Touch we incorporate indispensable web languages like CSS3 and HTML5 for an intuitive UI delivered through an app of native look and feel.

Leveraging the Interactive Features

We leverage the gamut of interactive control manoeuvres Sencha Touch is known for and ensure a sophisticated UI with a variety of controls.

Why Choose Our Sencha Touch App Development Services?

With years of experience in web, native and hybrid app development we are one of the early adopters of Sencha Touch for cross-platform app development. Over the years we built a range of successful apps with this framework. Here are some of the reasons to choose us for Sencha Touch app development.
  • Several Successful Sencha Touch

At Nimblechapps, we boast of a highly skilled team of Sencha Touch developers who built a whole array of successful mobile apps with this framework.

  • We lead in Hybrid App Space

With a gamut of successful hybrid apps across the niches we are one of the leading hybrid app development companies, and Sencha Touch has been a key framework we used in many of our apps.

  • Custom Sencha Touch Development

Apart from leveraging the flexible features of Sencha Touch, our creative developers and designers can deliver a thoroughly custom interface and user experience for our clients.

  • Lower Time to Market

Sencha Touch allows us quicker app development process with most controls built in for multiple platforms. Fast-paced development translates into lower time to market and cost advantage for our clients.

  • A Fusion of Experience and Creativity

Our team of designers and developers represent the right blend of developers and designers among them there are several having years of first line experience in building successful cross-platform apps using Sencha Touch.