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What is the Future of Salesforce DX?

The foremost aim of the salesperson and a company is its customer or consumer. The customer is someone who drives the market and accelerates the business growth. Ever imagined a company with designed artificial robots who are welcoming you to their place? Office tea being served by automated robots?

Nowadays, an entrepreneur or a corporate individual are inclining themselves towards machine learning or new product development. The workforce planning, succession planning, recruitment strategy earlier were discussed in a conference room; our reporting managers used to take review meetings annually or quarterly. Gone are those days. Thanks to technology.

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The system designed Salesforce DX provides a report on a daily basis related to the sales team. Starting from the era, we all know sales means door to door marketing. After a certain period of time there was the emergence of corporate sales and B2B marketing: here the salespeople need to visit only corporate clients. Be it corporate sales or any conventional marketing we need to update our database and forward the converted leads, hot lead and cold lead to our respective manager.

Sometimes it feels like our effort has gone vain. It leads to frustration and even quitting the job or changing the genre. After the hectic field work, updating the excel sheet is tiresome. designed Salesforce DX reduces the human intervention and understands the performance at a click. If a customer is satisfied, it becomes a positive word of mouth. Positive word of mouth is again a good form of marketing. A day will come where people or an entrepreneur will say meet my sales team pointing out the Salesforce.

What Can You Expect with Salesforce DX?

Every industry will join one platform, i.e. Salesforce – Salesforce might not exist in abundance right now but a time will come when every industry even a niche industry will join the Salesforce. The Salesforce provides a gamut of all the sales and marketing related activities and helps in maintaining a cordial relationship with the customers. This is one major reason why companies will be attracted to Salesforce. What else will a company need?

The focus will be more towards the initiative towards creative sales insight – Numerous firm and Multi-National companies are having their wings at various sectors and provide service accordingly. Managing becomes little difficult and proper time is not invested in discussing the insight related to sales and its outcome. Salesforce is going to change that and put efforts on inclining more towards creative sales.

Sales Team to be more innovative and smarter – Since we are changing to a technology-driven constraint, the human needs to be at par with the technology, because it will be a human who will be operating the same. Humans are the one creating technology, but technology cannot sustain on its own. It will need more humans to control what technology does and how it works. So the majority of the population will groom themselves and come up with an innovative idea.


No matter, how powerfully a system is being built; a human always operates it because no machine can beat human intelligence. A machine can be only as smart and intelligent as the human wishes to create it. The ultimate intelligence and decision-making power lie in the hands of the humans. Salesforce will bring a new area by compiling all the constraint more systematically. Nature of job, customer reviews and addressing customer complaints will not be a problem. The monotonous way will be replaced by smart work. This will be the future of Salesforce.

Salesforce is still in the growing stages but in the coming years it is going to be the need of the hour and will be an indispensable part of a business or an organization. You must realize the needs of your business. If you need assistance to develop and manage Salesforce apps talk to our experts to clarify your doubts.