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PhoneGap is one of the leading open source platforms used popularly for building cross-platform mobile apps. With PhoneGap developers can create a single app for multiple platforms using CSS, HTML and JavaScript. We at Nimblechapps leverage typical Phonegap benefits of using minimum coding for fast-paced cross-platform app development.

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Various Aspects of our PhoneGap App Development

With a strong team of PhoneGap developers, we take cross-platform app development to the next level by leveraging JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML web technologies for a native user experience. Here are some of the key aspects of our PhoneGap app development.

Cost-effective Development

Thanks to PhoneGap we can write code for once and deploy in apps for multiple platforms allowing a clear advantage in terms of development time and cost.

Native UI/UX Design

With PhoneGap, we ensure designing beautiful and feature rich apps with user an experience comparable to native apps.

Faster Time to Market

App development projects requiring a faster pace of development without compromising on the app features and user experience, we use PhoneGap framework for building sophisticated and lean hybrid apps.

Plugins and Tools

Our PhoneGap developers also contribute to the bounty of extensions and plugins to create value for the robust community of PhoneGap developers and users.

Why choose PhoneGap for mobile app development?

PhoneGap is known for its lean ability to build cross-platform apps for a wide variety of devices by using a standard code base. This flexibility and rich user experience ensured through web languages like HTML, CSS 3 and JavaScript make user PhoneGap one of the most sought-after app development frameworks.

User-centric Development

If you want to cater to your customers in a highly user-focused manner, the sophisticated hybrid user experience offered through PhoneGap development will prove to be ideal.

Platform Specific

Though PhoneGap allows you use the same code base for apps across the multiple platforms, you can always ensure a highly specific UI and UX meant for respective platforms.

Fast-paced and Cost-efficient

Phonegap allowing quicker development through the use of the same code for multiple platforms boosts the pace and cost of development significantly.

Attractive UI and UX

PhoneGap allows offering unique and visually UI design and great user experience with a bounty of sophisticated features.

Why Choose Our PhoneGap App Development Services?

With a bounty of successful mobile apps to our Phonegap portfolio, we stand as one of the sought after development companies for leveraging the distinct advantages of Phonegap for cross-platform mobile apps.
  • Experience and Expertise

We boast of a team of highly efficient PhoneGap developers with years of experience and track record of several successful PhoneGap apps to their credit.

  • Highly Platform Specific

In spite of reusing codes while using PhoneGap for cross-platform development, our precise and platform-specific approach always ensure building apps that work best separately for each app.

  • Performance Ensured

We deliver a state of the art testing environment to ensure glitch-free performance devoid of bugs and coding errors. We always deliver quality works

  • Custom Development

Instead of producing a run of the mill apps through fast-paced PhoneGap development we expressly focus on custom app development for highly customer-centric user experience.

  • Cost Competitive

Thanks to PhoneGap we can deliver huge cost advantages to our customers through the write-once code base.