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Node.js is an extremely popular and reliable framework when it comes to developing real-time or network applications. It is built on Google’s Chrome V8 engine, which is the fastest of the server-based languages. It manages big data exchanges on chat software with ease and delivers event-driven programming to web servers. Because of its extremely scalable features, it allows sending tonnes of messages from one end to the other, drives news feeds and push notifications.

Primarily used in the development of back-end programs for better connectivity, we at Nimblechapps, craft highly interactive data processing and real-time apps. As a versatile Node.js app development agency, we also assist our clients in migrating to this framework.

Scalable Node.js Development Services

Because of its code reusability and cloud scalability, enterprises big or small are switching to this open-source, server-side runtime environment.

Our Node.js development services are a one-stop solution for your enterprise. Unlike other traditional web app frameworks, Node.js works on a concept known as an event loop, which helps in crafting scalable real-time apps.

Our in-house team is well versed in

Website Development

Plug-in Development

API Development

Programming & Scripting

MEAN Stack Development

Web/App Migration

Real-Time Chat Bots

Social Networking Apps

Multiplayer Games

Post-Launch Support

We also provide custom Node JS development once a project hits considerable user traction and recommend our clients to use Node.js as their backend technology for hassle-free modifications.

Benefits of Node.js

Node.js is designed to scale startups and enterprises. We have successfully delivered Node.js solutions across 4 continents and our clients have noted improved performance after switching to this framework.

  • Over 200k modules which could be used instantly, it offers rapid pace development.
  • Interprets Javascript code through Google Chrome’s V8 engine and offers high performance because of its micro-service architecture..
  • It works on unified programming language rather than client-server side scripts. This allows a steady connection b/w server and the browser.
  • It's highly scalable, which means you spend less on infrastructure.

Work With Us for Your Next Node.js Web App

We create a comprehensive development cycle, straight from scratch through our proven agile methodologies.

Be it important updates/minor fixes, our support and maintenance programs are built to assist you 24X7 after product launch.

Hire NodeJs full-stack app developers who have exhibited proven expertise in developing real-time and networking applications.

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