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Certain Myths About Full Stack Developers We Need to Get Rid Of

A full stack developer is not easy to find and a good full stack developer is irreplaceable. They can single-handedly change an application’s look and performance. A lot of job postings recently have “full-stack developer” mentioned in the profile. A person who can do it all on his own. The developer is an expert at front-end frameworks like Java, Python, C# etc, with years of mobile experience on both iOS and Android.

If you look closely, you will notice that most of these job listings are crafted by human resource departments in order to filter resumes by adding several buzzwords. But let’s be realistic. There is no one profile or resume that can show all this experience in one that would describe the person as a “full-stack developer.” Full stack development is way too complex than this. So companies should focus more on filling the gaps that are required to be filled, instead of a know-it-all, because there is none.

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There are several myths related to full stack development and developers. Let’s take a look at them.

#An Expert Coder

A full stack developer is often expected to be an expert of several frameworks along with possessing knowledge of almost all codes. But it shouldn’t be like that. A full stack developer shouldn’t really be a coder as such. The person is required to be more like a systems architect with the ability to communicate technical innovation to both the middle and upper-level management. Full stack developers can also be called Information Engineer. The reason for this is the individual must know how to identify problems and inconsistencies.

#A Master of All Trades

A full stack developer is expected to be a master of all trades when in reality, he is actually a jack of all trades. The skill set required to be a full stack developer is endless. The individual must have a good understanding of each layer in the stack. This allows him to know and understand how each component of the stack is related to and connect with each other. He must have an understanding of both front-end and back-end systems. This doesn’t guarantee that he will know all the languages or be able to make use of each database tool. But instead, he will have a holistic understanding of all the aspects of the application.

#Full Stack Development is a Single Skill

When talking about full stack development, there is a need to define the word “stack.” It could either mean mobile stack, web stack, or native applications. But we need to understand that full stack development is a suite of skills, instead of a single skill. Each year, you will see one or more layer introduced to the stack. The individual is expected to know how each layer is affected by the other. This is why a full stack developer is not really considered a real person.

#It is All About the Technical Knowledge

Technical knowledge is just a small part of being a full stack developer. Actually, a full stack developer must have exceptional management capabilities and soft skills, in addition to the technical knowledge. He must know how to manage different teams and be a fluent communicator who can facilitate conversations between management, technical staff, and their clients. He should also be aware of all the current app and market trends.

#A Full Stack Developer is Required for All Projects

A full stack developer will prove to be a great addition to a development team, but he is not required to be present for all kinds of development. Often specialists are hired instead of a full stack developer. But there are still cases where a full stack developer is preferred over specialists for back-end and front-end, as the specialists turn out to be really expensive and difficult to manage.

Finding a Genuine Full Stack Developer

A full stack developer can prove to be a great asset for a development team and the whole company. But you must understand the requirements of the app before hiring a full stack developer. As it is, genuine full stack developers are a bit difficult to find. Know the exact requirements based on which you can decide whether you need a full stack developer or not.