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Challenging Six Common Myths Related to Enterprise Apps

Every year, with all the new updates and inventions, the world is slowly becoming more mobile. Thanks to this digital revolution, enterprises are now forced to implement enterprise mobility. 8 out of 10 companies are readily investing in mobile technology for their growth. But there are still many companies which are either ignorant or indifferent towards the growing influence of mobile app platforms.

In today’s time, where everything is done over a smartphone, it is important to show your presence online. There is a need to create the kind of mechanism using which a business can easily tackle functions like customer support, distribution, problem-solving etc. Besides these functions, there are many other things that can be supported by enterprise applications. If you have this vision and looking for experts to hire for your enterprise app development who can check the technical feasibility of your app idea. 

Enterprise apps work as the best solution for a lot of business problems. But they are quite a few myths surrounding enterprise apps. It’s time to bust those myths now.

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#Myth 1. Enterprise Apps are Too Expensive

The cost of developing and maintaining an app is totally dependant on the kind of features you would want to include and the basic requirements of your app. There are factors that can influence the cost. These factors remain the same among all kinds of app. The complexity of your app determines the cost. Not every app is going to be of the same price.

#Myth 2. Enterprise Apps are not Secure Enough

Now that all the information and data, be it of an individual or a company, are out there, there have been certain standards and security procedures developed by professionals in order to keep that information safe. The developers and companies are becoming more aware of their information and the security of it.

There are several security measures that come in the play when you develop an entire app. This will help you make sure that the app is safe and hack-proof. Disruptive technologies have been incorporated into apps now to make sure the app and information in it are secure.

#Myth 3. Multiple Functionalities Guarantee Success

It is true that apps with more functionalities cater to several different needs at once. But it doesn’t really apply to enterprise apps as well. The recipe for a good enterprise app is to offer a solution that is precise in addressing the customer’s problems only using a few limited features. So when it comes to adding features to the enterprise apps, make sure you are not overdoing it because it will only make the user experience more difficult.

#Myth 4. It is a One-time Thing

This is the part where most of the companies mess up their apps and lose some of their target customers. After the launch of the application, maintaining it is an ongoing thing. It has to look after constantly. It is not something you do today and then forgets about it for the next 2 years. Ask any developer and they will tell you that developing an app is only the initial stage. The real work starts after that. Companies must have a plan on how they will maintain the app once it is launched.

#Myth 5. App Development is Time-consuming

A lot of enterprises still believe that they need to wait for over a year to develop an app and launch it. But that’s not the case. The long turnaround time of an app is just a myth. It is possible to get a good, functional app in under 3 months. This is because of the new techniques and methods applied in developing an app.

#Myth 6. Only Tech-savvy Users Benefit From the App

Apps are not that difficult to understand. It’s not something that is only available for millennials or tech-savvy individuals. Apps have become extremely user-friendly because a large variety of people are using mobile apps. Over the years, developers have understood the needs of the users and are not creating apps that their users can easily make use of.

It’s About Time We Bust These Myths

Myths are formed when a wrong piece of information goes around too much and is passed on from one uninformed group to the other. There is no one to blame for this. But it is now time to understand that most of the myths relating to enterprise apps are baseless. If enterprises keep believing in these myths, they will only end up losing and there is no way they will achieve those digital transformation goals they set for themselves.