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Laravel is the world’s most popular free & open source PHP frameworks. In layman terms, PHP is a programming language that allows programmers to create web applications.

An alternative to CodeIgniter, Laravel offers powerful security mechanisms & has become famous with programmers around the world. Laravel gives devs a free hand to build high-performance web apps. Each module or component of a web app is tested stringently so that no bugs are sighted before a project goes live. This framework is highly sought out when it comes to malware threats or any sort of cyber attack and offers great support to multi-lingual apps. It's a perfect framework if you are looking to maximize ROI with high functionality web apps.

At Nimblechapps we craft high security & quality web apps with Laravel. As a leading Laravel web & app development agency, we have created robust applications for our clients. Our web artists have delivered successful projects through this framework. Its intricate architecture allows them a free hand to channel their creativity. Laravel was introduced to tone down various tasks for programs such as routing, caching, authentication, etc. Combining MongoDB, ReactJs, AngularJs, NodeJs with Laravel we develop highly engaging web apps for startups and enterprises.

Quality Laravel Development Services

We convert engagements to measurable business outcomes through our cost-effective solutions. Our Laravel Development services are tailored to your business needs & requirements.

We extend our services to

3rd Party App Integrations

CMS Development

Laravel Extension Development

RESTful API Development & Integration


We help you dominate the online game & cater to many industries. Be it hospitality, tourism, entertainment or retail. We develop scalable solutions across operating systems & platforms.

We offer scalable & reliable Laravel web solutions in

  • Mobile
  • Web
  • eCommerce
  • Social Networking

Throughout our development process, we follow international standards and adhere to quality measures.

Reasons to Choose Nimblechapps for Laravel Development

Laravel’s stunning template designs permit our designers to create rich UI/UX experience. We focus to deliver standout user-experience in every part of our development process. With Laravel issues are dealt smoothly & your site is absolutely safe & secure. Be it minor issues or upgrades, our in house team addresses every little aspect of your product after development.

MVC framework offers ideal Laravel development solutions & has become a favorite among businesses because of the wide range of benefits it offers. Hire IOS & Mobile Dedicated Laravel Developer for your next project.

  • Swift
  • PhoneGap
  • PHP
  • Java
  • HTML5
Projects Completed
  • 4+Years of Experience

    Nimblechapps has been working on Mobile Apps since the beginning. Founders are skilled app developers and have an experience of 8 Years in Mobile App Development.

  • 3Senior Developers

    Apart from the founders, there are 10 super smart developers on board who work solely on Mobile Apps. Our app developers have an average experience of 5 years in app development.

  • 2Apps Launched

    In 5 years, Nimblechapps and Team has helped develop 50 diverse projects for 19 clients. Our team started mobile app development since iOS 6 and Android were around.

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