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One of the fundamental technologies with CSS/HTML, JavaScript plays a crucial role when it comes to the interaction of web pages. Almost every other major web browser executes pages through its own dedicated JavaScript engine. Google chrome extensions, Microsoft Gadgets, PDF’s, mobile games, Apple’s dashboard widgets are implemented through JavaScript’s programming nature. It could run anything on the web browser.

Nimblechapps is a progressive JavaScript development company, which crafts web apps for its clients. We are experts in handling the entire JavaScript web development process & have a global presence with clients spread across four continents.

High Standard JavaScript Development Services

Nimblechapps offers cost-effective Javascript development services for smart interactions with cutting edge solutions & seamless architecture.

Our JavaScript development services include

Interactive single page web app development

Plug in development

Web portal development

Custom pop up windows

Web/App customization - optimization

Web/App migration

Support & maintenance

Cloud infrastructure support

With JavaScript web development services, we assist you in improving traction & maximizing traffic to your web/page app.
Be it social networking, travel & tourism or retail-e-commerce, as a leading JS development company, we provide end to end, customized & scalable web solutions for your enterprise.

Our JS Development Frameworks

We offer the following JS development frameworks with cutting-edge solutions:

  • AngularJS Development

    AngularJS is one of the oldest frameworks that offers modularity. Forbes, Google, are well-known users of the Angular framework
  • NodeJS Development

    NodeJS is an open source cross-platform. Runs JavaScript code outside of a browser. A competitor to PHP.
  • ReactJS Development

    ReactJS is known as the next level in web technology. Builds robust & scaling apps with exciting user interfaces.
  • Jquery Development

    A new alternative to web/mobile development.
  • Vue.JS

    A new alternative to web/mobile development. Vue.JS is the most popular and widely accepted these days.

Features of JS Development

JJS calculates & processes data with ease on web pages. It executes code on the user’s end instead of the web server, thereby saving load & bandwidth.

JS is easy to debug & test

Any code could be run super quick

Minimizes server load

Easy language to learn & implement

Doesn’t have to wait for the page reload

It does not require the compilation process

Interactive user interface

From one page app to full web portals, we cater to a wide variety of business requirements. Hire Our Dedicated Javascript Developers who have racked up sufficient technical expertise & are looking forward to providing a mobile experience that is built for your end user.

  • JavaScript
  • Jquery
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  • 5Years of Experience

    Nimblechapps has been working on Mobile Apps since the beginning. Founders are skilled app developers and have an experience of 8 Years in Mobile App Development.

  • 5Senior Developers

    Apart from the founders, there are 10 super smart developers on board who work solely on Mobile Apps. Our app developers have an average experience of 5 years in app development.

  • 82Apps Launched

    In 5 years, Nimblechapps and Team has helped develop 50 diverse projects for 19 clients. Our team started mobile app development since iOS 6 and Android were around.

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