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Why People Leave Your Website and How to Stop That (Infographic)

You hired the best developers to help you create your website. You choose the most suitable platform, integrated the coolest design and content, and feel the design and content truly represent what you do and what you are trying to achieve, then why aren’t your visitors staying on your website?

Humans have a limited attention span, some say it’s 10 minutes while some say it’s 30 seconds. Keeping your visitors engaged and encourage them to stick to your website is becoming increasingly difficult. But what’s even more important here is that you offer something of value that creates a lasting impression and provides you with a repeat user guarantee.

There are many ways to help you create cost-effective, attractive, and functional websites. There are many web development agencies out there who can help you with this. Here is an infographic to give you a proper understanding of website users and why they don’t stay on your website.

visitors leave your website

Keep Your Users Engaged

Now that you have identified what drives people away from your website and how you can stop it, you can now start conducting surveys and tests with your website and check if you need any improvements. If you do, follow the points mentioned above and try new strategies to keep your visitors on your website.

If you have any queries regarding developing a website or need help with developing a website from scratch feel free to contact Nimblechapps. Our team of website developers can help you with some of the best ideas and execution.