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Guidelines for Increasing Icon Usability (Infographic)

The world of both physical and digital products are filled with icons. Some of the most common icons like play and pause don’t require any additional explanation. Usability is one of the most common aspects of any design or icon.

Both mobile app design and website development company include creating icons for the apps. Icons are important as they tell us what the application is all about. The application and its features are represented by the icons and so the icon must be something that packs a summarized meaning or symbolizes the actual purpose of the application.

Let’s learn about designing icons to create better usability.

Guideline to increase icon usability

Final Word

The above-mentioned guidelines can be useful at the time of developing an icon for an app. Follow the UI/UX guidelines and apply it in the designing of the icon of the app and you will be able to learn more about how to design an icon and increase its usability.