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Hire PHP developers

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PHP powers millions of websites from the smallest blogs to some of the widely popular web services around the globe. It has been one of the main reasons behind this rise in web development as we all see today. Its framework provides good front-end support and at Nimblechapps we use this server-side scripting language to develop dynamic and static websites for our clients.

Hire Javascript Developers

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A popular programming language that was initially designed to enhance the web pages is now widely used to enrich mobile applications.

Hire Javascript developers who can effortlessly script languages for web pages and many non-browser environments. We not only build interactive web and mobile apps but also help our clients migrate to this powerful framework. With Javascript, our objective is to cater to all the needs of your modern web application.

Hire Android Game Developers

2 Developers Available

Since the Android ecosystem is more fragmented than iOS, one reaches a wider audience and aims to capitalize on all the benefits this specific platform has to offer.

At Nimblechapps we craft visually engaging Android games with exceptional features and specifications that are Android ecosystem friendly. With proven technical expertise in Javascript and C#, our designers and developers work relentlessly to devise games that fulfill all of the client’s and end user requirements.

Hire Android game programmers who are well adept in creating feature-rich gaming experience.

Hire React Native Developers

7 Developers Available

React Native has gained wide popularity since its launch. With React Native we not only build a hybrid app or a mobile web app but rather a full-scale mobile web app experience with high functionality and features. It's suitable for both big web applications and small websites and seamlessly displays data without having to refresh the website. Since React implements a similar fundamental UI building block as seen in regular Android and iOS apps, it's more cost-effective and delivers apps in rapid time. We have a proven track record of delivering successful React Native projects for individuals, enterprises, and organizations.

Hire dedicated React Native developers who have years of experience in building exceptional high-quality apps.

Hire Full Stack Developers

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From the conception of an app idea to the actual finished product, our full stack developers can build both the front end and back end section of your requirements. Our talented team of developers delivers a single solution for web apps, websites, and mobile applications. With competency to work with the entire development process, they can effectively integrate database systems, operational systems, and payment systems in your product.

Our in-house team is equipped with the latest tools and resources to deliver products that not only boost conversion rates but help to foster long term relationships with your end-users.

Hire Angular JS Developers

7 Developers Available

Initially released in 2010, Angular is a javascript framework used to build web applications. Its goal is to simplify the development and testing process by providing a hassle-free implementation of MVVM and MVC architectures.

At Nimblechapps we provide our clients with customized Angular JavaScript solutions and have successfully built highly interactive, data-driven, well structured and scalable web apps. Interactive applications and web designs are on the rise and our Angular team has incorporated all the versions of this framework as our mainstream front-end technology.

Hire dedicated Angular JS developers who are known to craft robust and secure web applications for all your business requirements.

Hire AR App Developers

1 Developer Available

With powerful and affordable smartphones in the near future, many industries would gradually shift to provide AR experience that promises to boost conversion rates. And more than 40% of consumers are willing to spend on products that offer augmented reality experience.

Whether its smartphones, handheld devices, glasses, screens or head-mounted displays, we craft visually immersive AR apps with a certain range of data such as 2D models, videos and images. Our AR apps could be used in both synthetic and natural light.

At Nimblechapps our inhouse team is devising solutions that would cater to AR gaming, shopping, social networking, and entertainment apps

Hire Flutter Developer

2 Developers Available

Introduced by Google in 2017, Flutter is an open-source SDK that quickly builds iOS and Android apps. With a single code base, one can create apps for multiple platforms. Because of faster development time and cost-effective solutions, flutter has quickly become the fastest developing skill in many communities. It also arms developers with highly extensible and customizable widgets for engaging designs.

From startups to enterprises, we have delivered a highly attractive value proposition for all types of setups. If you are looking forward to creating a stunning digital experience for your next app idea, going flutter is arguably the best choice at the moment.

Hire iPad game developers

1 Developer Available

Ipads continue to dominate the gaming market and satisfy every gamer from novice to pro. Its optimal combination of speed and performance is unmatched in the industry and unlike other tablets, is solidly built and has stunning high definition screens.

End users are attracted to quality and taking this into consideration, we have created interactive games exclusively for iPads over the years and continue to do so with our talented team of iPad game developers.

Hire Hybrid App developers

7 Developers Available

Hybrid apps operate across multiple platforms and behave like a native app. They will run anywhere, on any device. The process of developing hybrid apps is cheaper, faster and much easier without any modifications. At Nimblechapps, we use top of the line frameworks that both streamline your product and boost your conversion rates in the long run. Our hybrid app developers' team is equipped with the latest technological tools to deliver high functionality apps across platforms.

Whatever your requirement may be, we are here to provide holistic solutions for your every app need. We build a customized experience for many industries such as eCommerce, logistics, healthcare etc and continue to do so with feature rich applications.

Hire iPad App Developers

4 Developers Available

With a stunning liquid retina display and bionic chip, Apple’s iPad continues to outperform the majority of laptops and other portable devices.

At Nimblechapps, we take advantage of the unique functionalities of iPad and iOS SDK to deliver feature-rich iPad apps. Creating a high-performance native iPad app not only drives conversion rates but helps cement a lasting relationship with the end-users. We have successfully delivered customized iPad business applications to our clients and continue to do so with ever-evolving features of the iOS ecosystem.

Hire ReactJS Developers

5 Developers Available

From ideation to launch, we streamline operations across business verticals using ReactJS. The customized web interfaces we craft cater to the demands and expectations of your target audience with the best approaches available in the market. Our dedicated ReactJS developers keep themselves updated to the current react ecosystem to deliver solutions that not only boost your conversion rates and online presence but also help you cement a long-term relationship with your users.

Hire VueJS Developer

3 Developer Available

Vue.js is a relatively new technology that has been widely used across the globe for web development. We leverage this JavaScript framework and use its wide variety of tools to build stunning user-interfaces. It has become a preferred choice of our front-end development and we continue to deliver cost-effective solutions on many fronts. It has proved to be a lot beneficial when it comes to the development of those applications that run directly from the browsers.

Hire VR Game Developers

1 Developer Available

VR has transformed businesses unlike seen before. With plenty of marketing solutions available at one’s disposal, it's not only the gaming industry but manufacturers and service providers who have benefitted from this technology. With Virtual Reality trial rooms, it has created a new playing field in retail and has already revolutionized the health industry.

At Nimblechapps with the help of VR, we streamline communication between businesses and their target audience. Take gaming experience a notch higher with our visually immersive VR gaming apps. Hire VR game programmers who strive to create experiences that drive customer loyalty and cements a long-lasting relationship with fun to play games.

Hire Sencha Touch Developers

2 Developers Available

At Nimblechapps, we design and develop Sencha Touch applications for smartphones, tablets, and desktops. Our in-house team has racked up considerable skill sets in developing cross-platform, data-intensive web apps through faster development time. Sencha Touch optimizes apps with web standards-based tools and helps accelerate the development process with its pre-built and pre-tested components. Since its touch features are highly responsive, the apps we have developed are always quick irrespective of web browsers and devices. Sencha Touch is an HTML5 based mobile app framework whose UI works along the same line as the native apps without any significant loss of features and functions. And because of its cross-platform compatibility, there is less consumption of efforts, resources, time and costs.

Hire CodeIgniter Developers

2 Developers Available

CodeIgniter is an open-source, simple and lightweight framework that is based on PHP. It is more popular than other PHP frameworks because it's easy to configure, has a proper file organizational structure, handles errors easily and most importantly takes less time to develop.

With the help of its plugins, libraries, and resources, our CodeIgniter web developers craft responsive and interactive websites for individuals, startups, and enterprises. With a rapid pace of development, we create SEO friendly websites for various industries. Powering your website with CodeIgniter not only saves time and money but also keeps intact features and functionality.

Hire Mobile Game Developers

3 Developers Available

Mobile gaming platforms are breaking records and setting new benchmarks time and again. Gaming on mobile has become more of a mainstream avenue and will continue to dominate on all fronts. Developing a game begins with experience. Hire mobile game programmers who have in-depth knowledge with the proven skillset to foresee the type of games a user would like to engage with.

Hire Wordpress Developer

3 Developers Available

Arguably one of the best CMS (Content Management System) in place, Wordpress caters to the needs of individuals and enterprises alike. From blogging to more traditional forums and from online stores to media galleries, it shares close to 40% of all the open software landscape.

Nimblechapps offers responsive customizable designs that are highly secured and SEO friendly. Simply having a web presence isn’t enough, having it built by a team of skilled developers is all you need to 10X your business.

Whether it's starting from scratch or simply building a theme/ plugin for your already existing website, or perhaps personalizing it from the core, our experienced WordPress programmers are well adept in delivering solutions for your web needs.

Hire iPhone Game Developers

2 Developers Available

At Nimblechapps we have a dedicated gaming infrastructure to craft immersive iPhone games. Our iPhone game programmers follow the industry’s best practices to deliver amazing gaming experience on all Apple platforms. With advanced pixel processing, the iPhone's powerful bionic chip delivers undisputable graphics performance that assists our designers to create an excellent user interface.

Hire iPhone game developers who have proven technical expertise in building a single player and multiplayer iPhone games.

Hire Android App Developers

2 Developers Available

Android is a platform one simply cannot ignore. With a market share of more than 85%, it has made its way to everything we can think of. At Nimblechapps, we bring holistic solutions to your ideas and power Android with smartphones, watches,TVs, consoles and IoT devices. Given the many options to turn your app idea into reality, our developers strive hard to create customized Android apps that promise to cater to your business needs.

Hire Windows Mobile App Developers

1 Developer Available

Windows has its own loyal user base that largely depends on windows-powered phones, tablets, and laptops for day to day activities. Many businesses like to invest in Windows application development since they are user-friendly and it integrates well with Microsoft products. We at Nimblechapps build windows mobile applications for every business’s needs. Whether it is cloud support or an application for marketing, branding or business promotions, our developers have proven skill sets to devise multiple strategies for your app idea.

Hire Unity2d Game Developers

2 Developer Available

An extremely versatile gaming engine, Unity is the world’s most popular development platform for creating 2d games and supports more than 25 platforms. With proven methodologies, our team of talented game developers and graphic designers love creating experiences that meet the end-user demands and expectations.

Hire Cocos2D Game Developer

3 Developer Available

A royalty-free gaming engine with a dependable framework, Cocos2D is used in the development of 2D games and other GUI based interactive programs for smartphones and web, At Nimblechapps, our game developers have proven technical expertise in building visually engaging and interactive games.

We make compelling games that are fun to play. With pure objective C code, we can do any type of animation, no matter the platform or device and our Cocos2D game developers strive to craft a personalized gaming experience with immersive layouts and features.

Hire Wearable App Developer

2 Developer Available

Wearable devices have taken a quantum leap over the years that has transformed many industries, most notably healthcare. Smartwatches, hearing aids and activity trackers render useful information to the end-users and have been welcomed by majority irrespective of the age groups.

At Nimblechapps, we are committed to developing a standout wearable experience that drives user engagement and business output through high functionality apps. From healthcare to entertainment, we craft apps that offer a seamless user experience. The future of wearable tech is exciting and our designers love crafting solutions for tomorrow. Hire wearable programmers who have the keen eye of crafting apps that meet end-user demands and expectations.

Hire Web App Developers

10 Developers Available

It is necessary to have a strong web app presence in this competitive digital environment and with the help of an experienced and talented team of web app developers, we at Nimblechapps craft solutions for every business requirement. We cater to the needs of startups, enterprises, and individuals with all the major technologies available at our disposal. Team with us for better interactions and web apps that intuitive and interactive.

Hire Swift App Developers

2 Developer Available

Swift is a general-purpose language created specifically for developing apps for Apple’s ecosystem. From programming systems, mobile and desktop apps, it is fast with consistent performance. It's expressive with a programmer-friendly syntax and incorporates cloud services with various extensions and protocols. At Nimblechapps, we have crafted highly functional apps using swift and provide cutting edge services to our clients who look forward to creating user-centric apps for Apple end users.

Hire Ionic Developers

2 Developers Available

Developers around the world have built more than 4 million apps with Ionic. Designed on top of AngularJS and Apache Cordova, it renders a full feature set of native mobile SDK. Applications can be customized for iOS or Android and then deployed through Apache Cordova. It includes typography, mobile components, and interactive paradigms for a unified look and feel.

At Nimblechapps we build high functionality Ionic apps for both major mobile platforms. With a fast and efficient development process, our ionic app programmers craft high functionality native and web apps. Our Ionic apps are known for their ease and simplicity of use that comes with a user-friendly interface. Hire ionic developers who have skills to build an app for your business needs.

Hire Mobile App Developers

5 Developers Available

In a short span of time, the unprecedented growth of mobile technology is no brainer. It's powering our everyday lives by bringing smart solutions to our daily needs. At Nimblechapps we understand the needs of businesses automating their operations and strive to deliver cost-effective solutions, no matter the platform or device.

“We build Mobile apps that power businesses with smart returns.”

Our mobile app developers have proven technical expertise in native, hybrid and cross-platform technologies and are well versed in Java, Swift, Objective-C, C#, Javascript frameworks, PHP, etc.

Hire certified mobile app developers who love to create a user-centric mobile experience.

Hire Beacon App developers

2 Developer Available

Beacons are primarily indoor positioning systems that rely on proximity sensors to detect end-users presence nearby and trigger preset actions. In order to use beacons, one needs at least a beacon device, a mobile app and a user’s permission. At Nimblechapps, our team of beacon developers just do that and deploys this proximity technology to deliver location-based campaigns and systems with geo-fencing.

No matter the platform or device, we deliver end-to-end beacon app solutions to individuals, startups, and enterprises alike.

Hire Laravel Developers

3 Developers Available

Laravel is an open-source PHP framework that follows MVC architecture for building web applications. It's one of the most widely used frameworks that places an extremely high value on rapid development. With Laravel, we have built mobile and web applications for individuals, startups, and enterprises. Whether it's building an app from scratch or integrating a module on an existing one, our laravel developers are committed to bringing forward solutions that are customer-centric and cost-effective for our clients.

Hire Laravel framework developers who not only help drive conversion rates but also assist in building long-lasting relationships with your end-users. With its flexible yet reliable architecture, we craft web apps that cement long-lasting relationships with our clients.

Hire IoT App Developers

1 Developer Available

The number of devices one can connect to the internet is breathtaking. Smart homes, modern offices, and driverless cars are a few examples that one could think of when it comes to IoT and it has been nothing short of a boost to businesses who heavily rely on real-time operations.

IoT has raised the bar when it comes to automating operations with reduced time to market and increased return on investments. Taking this into consideration, we build IoT apps that are designed to scale your app idea beyond connectivity.

We boast a team of IoT app developers who believe in IoT driven innovations to build apps that are intuitive and interactive. Hire IoT app programmers who not only create cost-effective IoT solutions but also transform the way businesses and consumers approach their day to day activities.

Hire Nodejs Developers

5 Developers Available

Developing an app with Node.js saves time and money for everyone involved. It not only reduces the coding time but also decreases the page load to half. Whether it is Backend apps/Rest API’s, CMS, social apps, blogs, utilities, tools or real-time services like games, chat apps etc, our node.js developers deliver high quality and scalable applications that are lightweight and interactive.

Hire PhoneGap Developers

1 Developer Available

PhoneGap is a free and open-source framework, easy to learn and backed by a massive developer community. The standardized web APIs are integrated with standard SDK for the targeted mobile platform. Phonegap also supports a mode of plug-in architecture for easy functionality extension.

Our PhoneGap developers will help deliver seamless native user experience across multiple operating systems and with added skills in web development, promise to build cost-effective and high-quality hybrid mobile apps.

Hire Phonegap app programmers for smart and scalable solutions.