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Health is now managed with just a few clicks through apps that have brought massive advancement in healthcare systems. Health monitoring has become a standard practice that is supplemented by wearable devices and smartphones. Some types of equipment that only prime institutions could maintain are now accessible through healthcare apps. It is not surprising to see health and fitness apps reaching a million marks on downloads whereas close to 50% of users track health parameters on a daily basis.

Nimblechapps is a progressive healthcare app development agency that promotes wellness and healthy living. Whether it is hospital management or patient care, our in-house team crafts high functionality apps that are powered with diagnosis, treatment, and prevention mechanisms across multiple platforms and devices.

Best Healthcare App Development Services

Our mobile app developers strive to create a simplified process with a seamless user experience. From crafting apps that monitor habits, lifestyle and chronic conditions to apps that educate the end-user, we provide end to end healthcare services.  We strictly follow the HIPAA (The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and adhere to its guidelines.

Our healthcare app development solutions cater to all the facets of the healthcare industry.

  • mHealth Apps

    We power the latest devices with apps that provide real-time information and monitor physical activities for all age groups. Whether it is fitness sports or well being,  track health parameters 24/7.
  • Remote Healthcare

    Track and monitor patient’s health data from anywhere with wireless communication.
  • Telehealth

    With telehealth apps collect clinical health and community data, collaborate with health workers, researchers, and practitioners and monitor patient’s health in real-time via smartphones and mobile tablets.
  • Supply Chain Management

    Manage inventory,  purchase orders and track delivery of your pharmaceutical products with our healthcare app.
  • Features

    Functionalities and features that are designed to scale your app idea into a profitable venture. Multi-platform support, compatible with wearable integration, hospital dashboard, a patient portal for accessing, performance dashboard, realtime audio, and video interaction, etc.

Mobility Solutions for Healthcare and Medical Sectors

Wearable devices that are equipped with three-axis accelerometers, heart, chest and breathing sensors, have been instrumental in adding value to healthcare. Our apps are powered with GPS and big data that helps render constant monitoring of a patient with doctors 24/7.

Our Mobility solution encompasses

  • Professional Apps

    It caters to doctors and medical professionals. Track patient’s medical reports, store vital data, connect certified doctors and assists in making appointments with other clinic activities.
  • Patient Apps

    It serves the general public at large. From apps that monitor lifestyle, monitor chronic conditions and track habits. They also constitute educational, dieting and diagnosis apps.

Hire Healthcare App Developers who strive to make healthcare better and more efficient and have pre-requisite skills to deliver quality healthcare app development services.

  • Javascript
  • Ionic
  • HTML
  • CSS3
  • HTML5
Projects Completed
  • 6+Years of Experience

    Nimblechapps has been working on Mobile Apps since the beginning. Founders are skilled app developers and have an experience of 8 Years in Mobile App Development.

  • 8Senior Developers

    Apart from the founders, there are 10 super smart developers on board who work solely on Mobile Apps. Our app developers have an average experience of 5 years in app development.

  • 17Apps Launched

    In 5 years, Nimblechapps and Team has helped develop 50 diverse projects for 19 clients. Our team started mobile app development since iOS 6 and Android were around.

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