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Google My Business App: New Options to Manage Your Presence

In recent times, there has been a good growth in Google searches for nearby businesses. Google says it connects people to nearby businesses more than 9 billion times. In this, there are more than 1 billion phone calls and over 2 billion requests for directions to the store.

Keeping this in mind, last week Google made an announcement of a new update for its Google My Business App. This update is designed in a way that makes it easier for users to connect with businesses. It also adds to Google’s social tools which are used in order to defend rising competition from different social apps.

The new tools are designed in a way that makes it easier for businesses to add to their Google profiles. This helps them in managing what the searchers will see. In addition to that, it provides new opportunities to showcase and represent their business across Google’s suite of apps.

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The most important addition in the tools is of the simplified Google post tools. Google has explained it this way:

“With a press of the new Post button in the app, you can upload a photo, create an offer or event and add it right to your Business Profile on Google. You can also manage your business information on Google from the Profile tab and watch your edits appear seamlessly across Search and Maps. By Google.”

Google Business Posts

Google Business Posts was launched last year by Google. It allowed organizations to create brief updates that can be showed in Google searches wherever their business appears. It is basically a social post option offered by Google. There is also more search activity by the way of turning to Facebook more in particular. Google Posts allows businesses to offer similar updates within search. This is someplace where a majority of people will likely go looking.

What will make it a bigger consideration for a lot of brands is the option to post directly from your app. Have you considered Google Posts for your business yet? If you haven’t, you must because it will add to your 2019 approach. This is not it. Google has also added something called “Customers’’ tab in the app. This tab shows you a list of all the people who have tried to connect with your business using Google Tools.

Google also added:

“From here, you can easily respond to customer reviews and post offers to your followers to keep them coming back in the door, and soon you’ll be able to respond to messages right from the app. And because Google My Business is always on the clock, we’ll be sure to notify you when you get a new customer connection. By Google.”

The Customers Tab

The Customers tab which has further divisions tabs like Bookings, Messages, and Reviews. This provides you with an overview of the type of review or feedback that is provided. This will help a business in understanding their customers and their responses better. By following that, businesses can strategize well. On Google overall, Google will also show how many reviews have been given by a certain follower. This will give you a hint of who your target customer is and who you must reach out to maximize your selling efforts.

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Connection using Google Maps

Google had very recently added an option for users for them follow businesses directly using Google Maps. This is a great way to build customer connection using Google search tools. In addition to this, there was another major update. This is the improved presentation which shows the way people are finding and connecting with your business. There is an insight on the front page that will show you how you are performing. This makes it easier for you to understand how the presence of Google is affecting your business.

Wrap Up

These updates are not only interesting but they will definitely add value to local businesses. A lot of small businesses have already started benefitting from local searches. Google has realized the threats from social media that have increased in the past. Google did try solving these issues with the help of its own social networks, but we all know how it all worked out. These updates could actually end up being major and significant moves considering Google still drives the maximum number of search traffic.