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Take Advantage of Google Assistant’s New Tools

The personal assistant from the search engine giant- Google Assistant can perform several functions for you like setting alarms, answering questions, playing music and much more. Google Assistant turned two years old in October 2018.

For its birthday, Google Assistant is getting a few updates and changes, and Google is calling this a makeover. This makeover will be a new aspect of core mobile app. With this new update, Google is trying to achieve a balance between commands done by text or tap and voice.

The things that the Assistant can do or its capabilities are termed as Actions by Google. These Actions were basically built around verbal user commands that are either made using the core mobile app or any hardware that features Assistant technology like the Google Home smart speaker. Almost half of all the engagements done using Google Assistant make use of both voice and touch. The core Assistant app has been refreshed so it can be easier to use both types of commands. The makeover was not planned only keeping the customers in mind. The updates also include several new tools for brands and marketers.

Google Makeover

source: Google


Google noticed that there is an experimental gap due to which users renounce interactions with third-party brands using voice assistants. To complete this action, users are required to log on to their account manually. Amazon’s Alexa is much easier to use in this case. This is why a lot of users would prefer to make use of a single sign-on option that will permit them to access multiple sites while using the same credentials.

In order to fight this problem, Google introduced sign-in for the Assistant. This new sign-in will allow users to sign-in to accounts of third-party brands in the Assistant app itself. This also allows brand engagement action. This step will also allow brands to create personalized interactions with their users on another new channel. By logging in to the brand account through a voice assistant, the brands have access to even more user information like memberships, payment methods they prefer, previous orders etc. There were changes made to the way third-party app requests for the users is displayed. Google also has a guide to help you start with the integration.

Visual Experiences

For an Assistant experience to be really successful, it not only has to be personalized but also should be engaging. Good visual content can offer a positive and engaging user experience. This also should be applied to the interactions with third-party brands on the Assistant. The new tools integrated on the Google Assistant will allow brands to develop load visual content that can be further used in the Actions.

source: Google

This is an amazing channel which can help brands to be known for their knowledgeable sources of content that are engaging for a user, depending on the topic given. Direct extensions to products and services are also included in this. There will be certain brands that might not be able to sell their products or services using this feature but the visual experience tools can be used to share some content that is helpful to the user and engaging at the same time.

Digital Products & Services

In the makeover, Google has also introduced tools that can be useful for digital products and service transactions. Brands can make use of these tools on Assistant to sell digital goods like updates. This can be extremely helpful if your product is an app. Using the Assistant-Action, you can also allow a user to buy a subscription or a paid add-on.

Headspace, the meditation app, uses a similar technique to sell its subscriptions on Google Assistant. This is then linked to Google Pay. So any transactions or in-app purchases you initiate can be completed or paid using Google Pay. This is again making the whole user experience seamless.

Wrap up

While we are busy trying out these new tools on the Assistant, we must remember why the voice assistants were developed in the first place. These were created to make our day-to-day activities easier and seamless. By introducing these new tools, Google is not only making it easier for its users but also for a lot of brands and marketers as well, which is a great thing.