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Google Assistant VS Alexa War: Google Assistant to Hit 1 Billion Devices

Every year, the CES event proves to be a ground for breakthrough innovators and technologies, and it has been doing this since last 50 years. It is a global stage where all the latest and next-generation innovations are showcased and officially introduced to the marketplace.

This year the CES event is held between 8th January and 11th January in Las Vegas, Nevada. In the very beginning of 2019, the largest tech show has become a battleground for the digital assistant wars. Both Amazon and Google are howling and gaining all the attention to prove that neither of them are less than the competition out there in the market and are completely capable of and are the best platforms for operation our smart homes. The Nimblechapps team has been up-to-date with the news from the CES 2019 and is ready to bring you fresh news about Google Assistant vs Alexa War how Google hits 1 billion devices this year.

One billion Google devices

There are a lot of world-changing innovations that are introduced at the CES event every year, but one announcement that managed to raise a lot of eyebrows was when Amazon was challenged by Google in Voice Assistant market. Google made an announcement stating how its voice assistant will expand itself and enter a much bigger market this time. It will do this and surpass its current 1 billion devices that include smartphones, Google Home gadgets, and other devices.

How will Google get ahead of Amazon in this space?

In just two years of its existence, Google has managed to create a remarkable impact in the voice assistant market. The virtual assistant by Google comes with more than 30 amazing features which can now support 30 different languages in over 80 nations. It has proved to be a far better option over a service like Apple’s Siri, considering security, ease of use, and many other features.

Google made its presence felt on over 500 million devices which has grown 4 times in the number of daily and monthly users. This is a major reason why Google Assistant is ready to take over other virtual assistant products and secure the top position for itself in the market. The reason for this growth and expansion is the presence of Google on all kinds of Android devices possible.

Encouraging more use of Google Assistant

Google Assistant is not made available depending on the user’s choice. This shows that the high market presence is in no way connected to the customer experience or the willingness to use Google Assistant. Google also announced that it is planning to have a wider range of devices, which will help them make Google Assistant available even on the new non-smartphone devices, in addition to the Google Assistant-enabled products shown at the CES 2019. This is done in order to encourage more and more use of Google Assistant.

Google is planning to hit the market with more Google Assistant-enabled products as soon as Amazon introduces Alexa-powered devices in the market. Our marketers at Nimblechapps also noticed how the marketing team at Google is running a strong marketing campaign in the CES 2019. It is coming strong towards Amazon and is ready to wear the crown for the number one virtual assistant in the market.

Follow Google’s plans on being the biggest virtual assistant

Google has a lot of other plans to make Google Assistant the biggest virtual assistant out there in the market. Not all of these plans are laid out or talked about right now. A lot of it is still kept under wraps. But it is pretty safe to assume that Google will come out of this fight as the top contender of the Voice Technology market.

Google Assistant will bring in many more changes and updates to its existing technology in order to fight Amazon Alexa. Business and developers will need to take a deeper look and get a proper understanding of how it will work and how the changes will make an impact on their business. Businesses will need to figure out ways of taking the most advantage of these new features, which will soon be announced and launched one after the other. This will also keep the fire of the competition alive and burning. Keep in touch with the latest updates from the tech giant by following the daily articles of Nimblechapps on their blog. Keep up to date yourself with the latest news by visit our blog section or for more details get in touch with us at Nimblechapps.