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Monument Valley – The Puzzle Game that will Blow you Away!

Monument Valley

With the proliferation of smartphones, the video game industry is prospering too. Modern day mobile technology coupled with ground-breaking graphics and sound quality has revolutionized the gaming industry. And one such illusion game, which is blowing people’s minds away is Monument Valley.

Eye-Catchy Graphics

Monument Valley is a puzzle game which requires the player to lead a princess through a series of mazes of optical illusions and incredible objects. The visual graphics is inspired by Japanese art and minimalistic sculpture, making each frame of the game visually appealing.

Gameplay of Monument Valley

  1. A Monument Valley player leads silent Princess Ida through a sequence of mazes that incorporates stunning geometry. While interacting with the environment, the player needs to find hidden passages along the map and take Ida to the exit.
  2. Monument Valley consists of 10 levels, each with a distinct setting. The player needs to pass through moving platforms, mysterious monuments, Crow People and pillar animals and uncover hidden paths to enable Ida to reach the end point.
  3. The player receives various cues through various design elements like colour, which makes Monument Valley’s attractive visuals a treat to the eyes.
  4. By twisting and dragging the various objects in the game, players can reshape the beautiful architecture, enabling Ida to explore the world.
  5. Additionally, there is a camera mode which enables the player to capture screenshots along the game.

Developed by Successful Design Firm Ustwo

Monument Valley was developed in 2013 by the design digital firm Ustwo. Popular for developing games and apps, Ustwo’s products have received millions of downloads and have thus experienced immense success. Monument Valley took approximately 10 months to develop, and incorporates visuals that are awe-inspiring. The design of Monument Valley is such that it enables players to explore the surroundings, without giving them direct guidance to reach the destination. Additionally, the difficulty level of Monument Valley is set as medium – most of the players are in a position to complete the game and help Ida exit the map, thus providing a premium experience to players.

Competing with Other Free Games

Popular games in the genre of illusions include Stars Path, which requires players to wander across walkways to get falling stars back to the sky. In spite of being a paid game, Monument Valley is gaining popularity in a free-app ecosystem. The makers believe that there should be a diversity of mobile games and want to ensure that exceptional coding by developers is lauded and monetized.

Enjoying Success across Operating Systems

First released for the iOS in 2014, Monument Valley experienced immense success. Since it was developed using the Unity game engine, Monument Valley was easy to port to other operating systems. A month later, Monument Valley was released for Android and in 2015, for Windows phones. The game is acclaimed for its minimalistic design, art and sound design. By January 2015, the game sold over two million copies, and won various gaming awards including Apple Game of the Year 2014 and BAFTA best mobile game 2015.