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EA Games’ SimCity BuildIt Helps Gamers Bring A City to Life!

SimCity BuildIt

Building a real city takes eons, but in a game, you can actually recreate your vision effectively. EA Games, the game development company now presents it’s successful SimCity game with a twist wherein gamers have to build their own bustling city with thriving citizens on the mobile itself. A bigger city will have bigger complexities and this is where it gets exciting. Keeping citizens happy is also not an easy task.

Basic Outline of the SimCity BuildIt

  • Build countless buildings and rendered by incredible 3D-quality graphics, realistically. They should be placed in such a way that taxes keep coming consistently for the growth of the city. You can use any of the gestures like pinch and zoom to manage and expand your city.
  • Use the existing resources optimally for building up the city and then trade them with friends.
  • Complete shipping orders with logistical help. Build neighbourhoods get access to famous buildings like the Arc de Triomphe. Initiate a project for the waterpark, and more entertainment avenues to add revenue. The sky is the limit.
  • Solve real life challenges including pollution and energy problems. Use the police department for redressing grievances and manage the city with parks and education. Solve traffic problems with bridges and grand avenues.

SimCity BuildIt is a spin-off game meant for the mobile continuing the legacy started by the SimCity series for iOS and Android.

Typical Gaming Scenarios and Attributes

The game includes three currencies: Simoleons, SimCash and real cash.

Simoleons can be earned by upgrading specific residential areas and by trading different resources. It can also be bought with SimCash that is gained by spending real cash or by unlocking new achievements after collecting shipment tasks or different disaster challenges. Every gamer receives 25,000 simoleons and 50 SimCash at the start of the game. One can name the city any time during gameplay.

Buildings are built manually without any zoning feature. Commercial and industrial buildings will produce items, while residential zones will support those buildings for a higher productivity. Factories can be upgraded to a new one if there is no productivity.

Players can build two-lane roads and cannot build higher-capacity ones but upgrade the existing roads. One can create up to six-lane road types which are further expanded into avenues, boulevards, and streetcar avenues which were launched with the latest update.

Taxes are determined by the satisfaction and happiness of residents.

Main Zones in the Game

  • The three main residential zones in the game includes the residential zone, the Parisian zone and the Tokyo Town zone. Residential zones will depend on different land values wherein the supporting neighbourhood infrastructure can boost the prices.
  • Parisian zones are available only after the airport avenue is unlocked which requires a certain level and 80,000 simoleons to build. Tokyo Town zones can be availed if airport services are offered to a zone and after completing important shipments.
  • Residential zones need to have specific services connected in SimCity BuildIt game. The three types of services include power, water and sewage along with waste management. Furthermore, one needs to have fire dept., police, and health centres in the proximity of residential zones. Even a government body will be required.

Other Requirements of Gameplay

Every new city will have an airport, port, trade centre including the Global Trade headquarters and Dr. Vu’s Tower. All city specialization buildings except for parks and departments, require golden keys. These buildings will offer a boost in population and even a relative bump in land value.

Various disaster types include meteor strikes, earthquake, invasion by aliens, storms, and the like. The disasters are triggered once the players reach a certain level, one at a time.

The SimCity BuildIt is a free game for iOS and Android with in-app purchases on every level.