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Create Interactive Cartoon Characters with Osmo Monster

Osmo Monster

Osmo is an innovative company known for making educational tech products and the latest package, called the Creative Set, is a new app, called Monster. This new iPad game combines children’s drawings into real Disney characters. The Osmo Monster needs an iPad platform that combines the digital and physical worlds with innovative experiences.

With the help of markers, a dry erasing board, and a small camera, it helps turn real-world drawings into digital animations. It even has Word, Maths, Drawing and other coding games where learning is incorporated in games. The whole process is then automatically saved as a video clip, which becomes easy to share it with anybody.

There is also Mo the monster that asks the player to draw various objects, which are then incorporated in a digital form on this iPad. Just by scribbling something in front of the tablet, this monster “picks up” what you’ve drawn and uses it in a story thus making it more entertaining.

Giving Life to all your Drawings

Monster is not just an educational treat but pure entertainment itself. Osmo is keen to bring mixed reality in the field of education. Mo the Monster actually uses kid’s inputs in this digital world. By blending all traditional forms of play with latest software, it makes simple drawing more creative.

The drawings work with a normal pen and paper, on a dry-erase board and markers optimized for the Osmo. After the application is launched, the Monster appears and starts the question and answers game. All the drawn images get scanned by the iPad’s camera via the mirror add-on and then they are used in forms of animated presentations, or a magic show. This makes the cartoon-watching experience a perfect interactive lesson.

Special Features of Osmo Monster

  • Drawings become part of magical animated activities.
  • Mo will use all drawings to bring them into his world.
  • There are multiple activities with endless creativity possible.
  • All the activities are saved as video to replay for family and friends.
  • It is a creative set that combines the magic of creativity with the power of technology.
  • Made of high-quality durable materials.
  • There are erasable markers that are easily wiped off the Creative Board and washed out.

Meet Mo the Monster

Osmo Mo

Mo is a big orange monster that asks the users aged from 4 to 10 years old to draw various things. It interacts with all drawings putting on a magic show. When Mo requests various objects, they get reflected on AI-powered on an iPad.

This type of creativity is critical to early learning and development, and by drawing different figures, the toy helps inspire and empower creative children. Mo is just a character to interact with children to deliver the first mixed reality game that creates fully animated experiences.

Endless Creativity and a Range of Experiences

In the future, there will be new stories and experiences installed in it and hence one can expect more content to use too. The creative set will include a small whiteboard, and six chalk markers to help Osmo interact with the drawing surface. The case is made of the magnetic field so it sticks to the whiteboard for storage and it is easy to erase too.

Cost Price

The Creative Set is retailed for $49.99 in the US and is coming soon to the UK and Australia for £39 and AU$69 respectively. The Monster app’s gameplay is limited at this time, but Osmo plans to roll out more activities in the near future.


Osmo Monster is truly changing the phase of interacting with cartoon characters by bringing physical drawings to life. It is sure a magical experience and kids will love to interact with these characters in a fun-filled manner.