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Angry Birds 2 – Bigger, Badder and Birdier than Ever!

Angry Birds 2

With mindboggling advances in technology, mobile gaming has revolutionized the gaming industry. One of the most successful games of recent times is Angry Birds which has been entertaining people across ages since 2009. With more than 3 billion downloads worldwide, the Angry Birds series has garnered unmatched success, financially and critically. Angry birds toys, clothes and merchandise have flooded retail stores, and currently there is an Angry Birds animated film underway and a Lego range of toys in production.

Most of the Old Features to Remain Intact in Angry Birds 2

While a dozen other Angry Birds spinoffs were introduced since the first launch of the immensely popular Angry Birds in 2009, there was never a full-fledged direct sequel. By launching the teaser for Angry Birds 2, the maker Rovio Games has generated a huge amount of curiosity and excitement in the minds of people. While success amongst the current fan base is certain, with the launch of Angry Birds 2, Rovio Games aims to draw in more users.

Not knowing what exactly to expect, trade analysts believe that Angry Birds 2 will have more or less the same features as its first version; the birds and pigs will be an integral part of the new game along with a few new characters. Also, the super catchy background score which has been the trademark of Angry Birds will continue to exist.

New Features Aim to Up the Entertainment Quotient

  • While the trajectory based game will be similar, in Angry Birds 2, the pigs will be creating new structures that will be more challenging to bring down by the birds.
  • Players will be given bird cards, which will give them the freedom to choose which bird they want to fling against the sling and when.
  • Players will also be given new spells that allow the birds to cause massive damage with one sling.
  • The game is expected to be more challenging, compelling players to choose their birds and use their bird cards and spells cleverly.
  • Players will also have the option of challenging their friends in tournaments in order to win feathers, upgrade their birds and view the most successful player on a leader board.

Analysts believe that improved graphics and sounds might be incorporated to offer a more amusing and pleasurable experience for users. Additionally, new gameplay features will be introduced that aim to augment the entertainment quotient.

Launching Soon

Rovio Games plans to launch Angry Birds 2 at a special event on 28th July 2015 and will be made available for download from 30th July for iOS and Android users. Sadly though, the app will not be available on Windows phones. The game will be the 15th game of the immensely successful series that includes console ports and free versions too.

The original Angry Birds was followed up by Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio. The subsequent versions also banked on the original success and the latest ones, Bad Piggies also brought in millions of downloads. The upcoming Angry Birds is called Under Pigstruction.

In total, the series has managed to get staggering 3 billion downloads, spawning toys, merchandise and even a CG animated film that is due to feature Peter Dinklage, among many others as voice talents. Angry Birds Lego is also being produced and to be launched soon.


With more than 600 million downloads amounting to €158.3 million revenue in 2014 alone, Angry Birds has generated an enormous fan base and has sustained its popularity since its first launch. And with the unveiling of Angry Birds 2 in July 2015, it is sure to surpass more records; not just in terms of downloads and popularity but also in terms of business revenue for Rovio Games.