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A Tiny Game of Pong for the Apple Watch is a Fun Game After All!

A Tiny Game of Pong

Remember a couple of decades back when playing pong on the desktop was cool! Well, for those who haven’t grown up yet, here is a pong game that is set for the Apple Watch.

If you have an Apple Watch and play games is your pastime on it, here is the Tiny Game of Pong that replicates the arcade star on the wrist-mounted Apple Watch screen. What’s more you can control the sliding turning the Digital Crown up and down. Move the paddle left and right to not let the ball touch the surface. Much like the miniaturized Atari 2600, you can now check the time and play games as easily as possible.

Starter Arcade Mode and the Endless Mode

The game of pong includes the starter Arcade mode, that is free for a limited time just for some days after the game’s Feb. 16 launch. Now here is a game that you can enjoy endlessly and is challenging enough. You can garner as many points as you can and spend much time to defeat the AI opponent before it can actually manage to slip the ball past you. Now here is the “endless ” take on Pong that manages to get time fly by.

One can just shell out $0.99 for in-app purchases that will unlock the evergreen Classic mode. The Classic mode involves gamers to score in a first-to-three points match against the inbuilt AI. With the add-on, one can also choose from 10 color themes for playing in the app.

Offline Mode for Single Players

As of now, no support has been extended to get the game online. You cannot get to play A Tiny Game of Pong with friends in a network. It has a Leaderboard though that will keep track of the scores that are being racked up by every gamer. And with the iOS companion app that tabulates the high score list for both versions Arcade and Classic, it is fun to compete against the best in the world. In any ways, it at least gets the avid gamers some bragging rights about your sweet score. Gritting your teeth for showdowns is still far away for Apple Watch enthusiasts.

Since A Tiny Game of Pong is just a tiny game after all, it delivers what it promises and being one of the first video games, it is reviving a controller and screen for simple gaming. Yes it is nostalgic to use and is fun to play.

Killing Time is Easier with A Tiny Game of Pong

A Tiny Game of Pong

After you spend on an Apple Watch, the neat way to kill time is a game that has been present over the years in many avatars. With no deception in its name, it is exactly what it is – a tiny game of pong.

The game is attributed to developer Matt Wiechec who lets you control your paddle with the crown, with color options to choose from, with in-app purchases. Since it is free for some time, gamers should get it soon.

  • Pong is perfect for the Apple Watch because it is simple and makes use of the area it is given very well.
  • Clean, simple and intuitive with not much requirements at all.
  • Classic throwback to the 1970’s video game of Pong.
  • Responsive Analog Controls with Digital Crown to control their paddle.
  • Free version includes endless arcade mode.
  • Record of high scores of your friends along with Game Center integration.
  • Two Unique Game Modes – endless Arcade and Classic playoff mode.
  • Standalone play and single user gaming.

After a limited time, the game will be available for $0.99