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YotaPhone 2: Revolution in Mobile

YotaPhone 2

After the launch of iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus last September, we thought that we’ve had enough for quite some time. Now with the launch of these two masterpieces but long before we ruled out this possibility of a mobile device which catches our attention amongst iPhones and other devices, Yota Devices from Russia were quietly working on a gem of a mobile device and geeks around the world were anticipating something magical from Yota this time around as they saw immense potential in YotaPhone launched two years back.

In 2014, they were back with YotaPhone 2 which is astonishingly beautiful and an improved version of the YotaPhone launched a few years back. YotaPhone 2 is an Android smartphone which sports an additional fully touch sensitive e-ink display. The device is neatly designed and packs a punch in the smartphone arena.

YotaPhone 2 Design

Russians are very good at not repeating the same mistake twice which is just the case with YotaPhone 2. The mobile device is a perfect example of how the second instalment should be. The previous design showed some signs of good design, though the device was messy and there were many compromises in the design department and best fit for R&D at any mobile device maker. The YotaPhone 2 is a very well designed smartphone with dual screen, yes no need to get surprised as this will be the norm in the mobile devices of future and this is the revolution we were mentioning about. The mobile has a curved base like the Nexus devices and appropriate weight to make it to one of the best devices of the year.

The YotaPhone 2 is an apt reminder of Palm Pre, but in a positive way. Though the mobile is thicker than most of the current mobile devices we have in the market, it is packed with two 4.7 inch displays on each side which makes it thicker. The device gives a very good feeling in your hand, better than most of the smartphones which you fear that it might slip out of your hand. The backside of the device is matte finish which provides protection from glares and easy to read surface of the mobile device.

YotaPhone 2 Features

The primary feature of the phone is the one that stares right in your face, E-ink display on the backside of the device generally bearing the name of the manufacturer and promoters. The 4.7 inch secondary screen covers most of this space and has a curved edge filling the space, the space provides dynamic content which can be customised according to the users’ needs.

You can wish to display images from your gallery or from social media sites or other shared galleries. It can also display missed calls, message notifications, mails and more. You can customise this to make your primary screen active so that you get to know when you receive a notification.

YotaPhone 2 Performance and Display

The YotaPhone 2 comes with Android version 4.4.2, but they have promised a Lollipop update soon. Even if you don’t get a 5.0, you will get a better version of Google’s OS that works well with major processors used with this device. The device has a similar battery life compared to other smartphones though it comes with dual screen.

Both the screens on the YotaPhone 2 are pretty good. The 5 inch primary display has prominent pixel density with great colors. It has some issues when comes to auto brightness and it’s something that even major smartphones over the world are worried about. The basics are well managed while assembling the dual screens of the YotaPhone2 which makes it a decent buy, though the price of $850 is a major concern for consumers looking for a hefty buy.

Currently YotaPhone 2 is a smartphone which packs a punch for $850. If you want to know more about the YotaPhone 2, you can mention it in the comments below and we will get back to you.