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Yi Halo: A Professional, Most Advanced 3D-360 Camera

Yi Halo

Chinese company Yi Technology is pretty well known for giving out some of the most capable GoPro competitors in the last two years. Google has tied up with GoPro rival Yi to introduce the Yi Halo VR camera. The Yi Halo is the second camera based on Jump. YI HALO VR is the most advanced 3D 360 camera VR camera that combines high fidelity capture with versatility of use and robustness. The Yi Halo is the second Jump camera from Google, after the GoPro Odyssey, to be aimed at high quality VR content creators. Yi has a much smaller and portable Yi VR 360. This offers more live 360 broadcasts, as well as drone, dash and action cameras.

17 Cameras.

The Yi Halo has 16 2.5K cameras arranged in a ring, with a seventeenth unit facing upward. Two backup camera units are included in the box. Once the video information from all the cameras are processed together, it results in an 8K video at 30 fps. The resulting video supports VR glasses, and uses the Jump assembler to create a seamless panorama. The exported data includes depth information that can be imported into visual effects and video editing software. The camera has been built to work natively with the Jump assembler. Here is a video of what the camera can do, which is better viewed with VR headsets.

Comes With A Battery And A Case.

The Yi Halo weighs less than 8 pounds. It comes with a battery included in it. There is a built-in handle, ¼’’ and ⅜’’ tripod sockets attached to the camera. The Yi Halo is easy enough to be mounted to most tripods and most camera support systems in just a matter of seconds. The camera comes in a rugged and custom Pelican 1610 case to help you protect your camera in worse conditions.

Built-In Wifi and LCD Touch.

Built-in 5GHz Wi-Fi allows you to securely and remotely control your YI HALO with the Android smartphone App. You don’t need to be at the camera to set up and shoot. The app also a preview. This allows you to get the right shot every time. YI HALO also comes with a built-in LCD touch screen control panel.

More Than 100K Hours Of Testing.

The Yi Halo has undergone more than 100K hours of testing in order to testify the functionality and reliability. The camera is engineered by the same team that built the award winning Yi 4k Action camera. The Yi Halo’s mechanic structure, hardware, software, and the firmware are all very carefully crafted and implemented to face challenging tasks.

Real-Time Monitoring System.

There is a built-in near real-time monitoring system includes a dashboard and issues smart alerts if it detects that a micro SD card is nearly full, battery power is low or other similar issues to minimize downtime and protect your recordings.

Battery And Charging.

All of the advanced features of the YI HALO consume just 50 Watts of power. There is an included rechargeable battery. It can last over 100 minutes during continuous shooting. Also, it can be easily swapped with a spare. The included AC Adapter can power the YI HALO and also charge the battery at the same time. The YI HALO supports V-mount external batteries.

In Case Of Damage.

In case a YI HALO unit camera is damaged in the field, which is very unlikely, you can simply replace it with one of the two included spare cameras. When new YI HALO unit camera hardware is released, simply replace the existing unit camera to upgrade the it.

Pretty Over Priced.

At the time when new firmware is out for update, you can upgrade all cameras at once. It will take just a few clicks on the control panel to do it. The Yi Halo is a $16,999 17-camera monster capable of shooting stereoscopic video in 8K resolution at 30 frames per second, or 5.8K at 60 frames per second.