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Xperia Touch: A Projector That Lets You Interact With Any Surface


In the past, Sony has given us a number of experimental products designed specially for the home. Sony’s new product Xperia Touch was unveiled at MWC 2017 and is going on sale. It’s an Android projector that can turn any surface into a touchscreen. With Xperia Touch, Sony wants to bring screen-less interactivity one step closer to reality. Unlike traditional projectors, Xperia Touch turns a flat wall, table or even your floor into an interactive screen. With short-throw projection, Wi-Fi connection, and state-of-the-art touch functionality, this portable projector adds a whole new dimension to your home.

Touch Has Its Own Interface.

The Xperia Touch looks very much like a huge external hard drive. But it’s basically a device projecting an Android tablet interface onto a wall. The resolution on the Xperia Touch can only go up to 720p, but it ranges in size from 23 inches to 80 inches. For Xperia Touch, the company has created its own user interface for the Touch. This can combine a lot of information in one place. It includes things like calendar events, real-time weather data. It also has a “memo board” which you can doodle on. You can also access Skype video chat from this screen, or leave video notes for other members of your family.

Sophisticated Design.

Xperia Touch is packed with state-of-the-art technologies yet it’s impressively compact and elegant in design. It’s lightweight and understated, to move seamlessly into any room of your home. This lightweight, compact body boasts top technologies. Xperia Touch features Sony’s SXRD short throw projection unit. The company has also strategically-placed two-way stereo speakers for rich sound.

Things You Can Do With Xperia Touch.

Play: From action packed adventures to your favorite board games, Xperia Touch1 turns your table into an interactive game zone for the whole family.
Explore: Using Xperia Touch, you can scroll through your cooking app as you cook, or make a route from your dining table using map applications. With the W-Fi connection, Xperia Touch lets you surf and explore like never before.
Watch: Now you can watch your favorite video content on a screen as large as 80 inches, thanks to Xperia Touch. Stream directly from apps or connect to your devices.
Communicate: You can put up notes for yourself, and keep a track of your family members with an interactive message board. You can also keep in touch with loved ones through chat and video apps.

Xperia Touch Technology.

Xperia Touch will not only show you images, it will also respond to you and your touch. Xperia Touch is built with the latest Sony intelligence. It’s a portable projector that’s easy to use and remarkably smart.

Infrared Touch.

Xperia Touch combines infrared light array with 60fps camera capture to turn a flat surface in your home into a 23-inch touchscreen.

Proximity Sensing.

Xperia Touch will automatically turn on when you start to approach. Use it as a message board by the front door to keep everyone informed. Or set it up as a wall clock that appears when you’re in the room.

It Runs Android 7.0 Nougat.

Sony has a few apps pre-installed that utilize this type of interface, like the piano keyboard app and a drawing app. But what makes the Xperia Touch even more unique is how it’s basically a Google Home as well. Thanks to the new announcement about Google’s app update that will bring Google Assistant, its artificially-intelligent voice bot. It is coming to all devices running Android 6.0 or higher. The Xperia Touch runs Android 7.0 Nougat. This means that you’ll be able to utilize Assistant’s many features, like controlling smart home devices.

Will Be Available This Year.

The Touch comes with a number of sensors included, such as a human detection sensor, humidity, temperature, barometer, GPS. It includes ambient light and e-Compass sensors as well. It also has Bluetooth 4.2, 32GB of internal storage, and 3GB of RAM. Sony did not announce pricing at the moment, but the Xperia Touch will be available in select markets in spring 2017.