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Xperia Hello: Sony’s Breathtaking Robotic Assistant Come Alive

Sony Xperia Hello

We were introduced to ‘Xperia Agent’ as a virtual assistant year ago in Mobile World Congress 2016 and the concept finally evolved into a beautiful robotic device with all new Sony Xperia Hello! Sony already unleashed its first-ever robotic assistant for the Japanese audience and we can expect it to be launched in other parts of the world soon. Holding a large a 4.55 inch LCD in its belly and equipped to respond to human interactions with intuitive gestures the new device can really take your breath away. As the company says, it can truly become the next intelligent member of your family.

Price And launch

The $1,300 price tag seems to be insanely ambitious as the market is already experiencing numerous such gadgets from several ace brands and even startups. The disappointment on price apart, this new robotic assistant seems to pack a lot of credible capabilities erstwhile not seen with other intelligent assistants.

Sony Xperia Hello will launch in Japan on 16th November and later on in other parts of the world.

What Exactly Is Sony Xperia Hello?

Sony Xperia Hello is basically a communication robot with the capability of recognizing every member of a family and ability to help with daily life activities simply through voice command. Loaded with Artificial Intelligence and machine learning technologies this cute robot can easily learn from human interactions and can help everyone with a whole range of daily tasks in and around a home.

It Takes The Role Of A Family Member

Sony Xperia Hello is not just an old machinery junk devoid of human qualities. In fact, it has a personality of its own. It is built to make you feel it like a member of your family. Without any human command, it can move and speak to people by assessing the situations. Most funnily, it even expresses human emotions through its lights on top that works to express feelings.

It Would Recognize Individual Members Around

Sony Xperia Hello can recognize each member of the family individually. It has four powerful motion sensors and as much as seven microphones hidden in the lower part of its body which together can detect any movement within a three-meter radius. The camera in its upper body can verify which member of the family is talking to it and accordingly can convey information and act to the commands. There is also a 4.6-inch touchscreen display built of liquid crystal that can convey conversations and news visually as well.

Xperia Hello Will Make It Difficult To Forget!

If you have missed any message over Skype calls or missed a video call through any of the apps, the device by detecting the message can convey it to the family members meant for it. It can even remember important days and events and remind family members about them.

Xperia Hello Brings Peace Of Mind To Near Ones

With Xperia Hello at home, you can always be in touch with your family members and can always talk to them from anywhere. Just opt for the command “show me what my family is up to” from your LINE (Japanese equivalent of WhatsApp account) and your cute Xperia Hello tell you the last time it has seen your kids. By just commanding it with “show me what you see” it will instantly rotate around and show the surrounding.

It Works like An Intelligent Company

It is not a dumbass waiting for your command in every little thing. Just by knowing each family member it can turn out to be everyone’s personal company as well. By providing everyone highly personalized news, traffic info, weather forecasts, messages, etc it can just turn out to be a friend in need. Each member can actually make it know their preferences in the news and common traffic routes for their whereabouts.

If It’s Not Enough, It Can Dance Too

It can do so much as an intelligent robot, but if you still consider it a little boring with its capabilities, there are some fun involved as well. The Xperia Hello just beats the competition from Alexa and Google Assistant simply with its capacity to dance. With just a command “do a dance” you can see it moving its body in dance.

Final Verdict

It is truly a revolutionary little gadget that we have come across so far. It’s breathtakingly capable, cute and elegant. The only thing that numbs our enthusiasm about Xperia Hello is probably its exorbitant price tag.