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Travel Your Way Through with Xiaomi’s Ninebot Mini Segway

Xiaomi Ninebot Mini

Advances in technology are leading to the launch of several innovative devices and products that aim to improve and augment our daily lives. While smartphones have totally inundated the market, there are a gamut of other products that have the capability to enthrall us with the features they possess.

Xiaomi Ninebot – The Mini Transporter

World leader in smartphones, Xiaomi, has recently announced the launch of a personal transporter – the Xiaomi Ninebot Mini.

The Xiaomi Ninebot is a two-wheeled, battery powered electric vehicle with a self-balancing feature. With funding from Xiaomi, Ninebot, the first short transportation equipment operator in China acquired Segway, the leader in personal and green transportation.

Building an Ecosystem of Devices

Xiaomi, the privately owned Chinese electronics company, is a world leader in the smartphone market. Being the 4th largest smartphone maker, Xiaomi smartphones enjoy humongous popularity due to their top notch features and low price. After ruling the smartphone market, Xiaomi is now looking to build an ecosystem of devices by launching modern, everyday technological products. The various products in its kitty include mobile phones, tablets, network routers, cloud storage services, power banks, smart home products and fitness trackers.

Unique Features

  • Xiaomi Ninebot is built using aerospace-grade magnesium alloy and is available in two colours – black and white.
  • It weighs around 12.8 Kg and has a weight limit of 85 Kgs.
  • The design is so compact that it can easily fit in the trunk of a car and can be transported from one place to another.
  • Xiaomi Ninebot can travel up to a distance of 22 Km with a single charge of 4 hours and can function at a top speed of 15 KMPH.
  • Xiaomi Ninebot can seamlessly travel on inclines up to 15 degrees.

Easy to Use & Maneuver

The Xiaomi Ninebot is fairly easy to use. The only major task is to learn how to get on and get off safely. Once that is taken care of, users only need to lean forward in order to move ahead on a street. The built-in sensors automatically detect the shift in balance and will start rolling in the forward direction. The more the user leans, the faster the Xiaomi Ninebot travels. By pressing the center stick with the knees, users can turn in the intended direction. Xiaomi Ninebot incorporates a strong balancing algorithm that makes falling off almost impossible. With just little practice, users can master the art of maneuvering the Xiaomi Ninebot.

Controllable by a Smartphone

Having being manufactured by a smartphone company, the Xiaomi Ninebot is bound to possess a smartphone centric feature. Users can use their smartphones to control the Xiaomi Ninebot and make it go back and forth. Users can also access important data surrounding traffic, speedometer, and fault detection.  However, Xiaomi has ensured the feature is disabled as soon as a person steps onto the Ninebot.

Launching on 3rd November 2015

Xiaomi Ninebot is priced at 1,999 Yuan, which is approximately around $315. It is expected to launch in China on 3rd November 2015, and will be released in other parts of the world thereafter. Each Xiaomi Ninebot is expected to come with a helmet and elbow pads, ensuring a safe ride for users.

Enjoy a Fun Ride

With Segways becoming popular in tourist destinations, imagine if you could own one of your own to ride through the streets of your city? Being easy to ride and with easy maneuvering capabilities, Xiaomi Ninebot is ideal to enjoy a fun ride with friends and family.