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Mi Robot – Xiaomi Launches One of the Smartest Vacuum Cleaners

Xiaomi Mi Robot

With the help of Mi Ecosystems RockRobo, a Beijing-based startup, Xiaomi has introduced a robotic vacuum cleaner that claims to have a higher suction rating thanks to its brushless motor supplier inbuilt inside it. It is the first device coming from Mi Ecosystem that continues to expand its presence beyond smartphones. Xiaomi isn’t shy to plunge with new tools and collaborate with new startups, therefore, this time, Xiaomi has unveiled a gadget for people’s home rather than their pockets.

It looks like a Roomba as it has 12 sensors inside it in which the laser sensor scans its surroundings 1800 times per second that helps to clean the home efficiently.

About Mi Robot Vacuum

This device from Xiaomi is a smart device that cleans your home avoiding all obstacles. With the help of multiple sensors, this device is able to give better performance than most others. There are even distance Sensors, gyroscope, and a cliff sensor that protects the vacuum cleaner from staircases. Simultaneously the Localization and Mapping elements locate unknown territories with updated location of the device.

There are two circular side brushes at the bottom of the Mi Robot vacuum that sweeps all the dirt into the main cylindrical brush. The speed and momentum of the side brushes are marvelous as it has the capacity to spin more than 130 spins per second by giving the best cleaning speed ever. The suction system of the Mi Robot vacuum adjusts its height before the start of the process for a tighter seal with the ground which is then asserted by wheels and aided by different sensors to avoid any collisions.

The battery of Mi Robot Vacuum can handle up to 2.5 hours of cleaning on a single charge and has the specialty to zoom back to its charging dock when low on power. With so many cool techs like LDS intelligent path planning, smartphone controls, and ultra-high air pressure suction one can clean their floors without any effort and hazards.

Working Pattern

This high-end Mi robot vacuum is able to map your rooms by calculating the most efficient route on the fly.  This system is managed by its companion app that lets you check the vacuum’s status via Wi-Fi. It becomes easier for anyone to toggle it and get a live tracking of this Robot. You can also switch this device between three modes of normal, quiet and active by instructing set schedules for automatic cleaning.

Once you setup the vacuum in your home you have the facility to turn it on from afar and keep an eye on the cleaning in real time. This gadget ensures that your home stays clean where you can schedule it for daily, weekend, or weekday options.


In performance wise consumers can have a relaxed persona as this gadget lets you control and monitor the path of the device without any headache and set up the cleaning schedules as well.

With the help of three dedicated processors that are inserted in the device, you can receive all the data in the fastest real-time process and also calculate the cleaning path accurately. The processors of Mi Robot Vacuum plots the best path for cleaning.

Important Features

  • Mi Robot Vacuum has a Laser Distance Sensor that allows scanning its surroundings 360-degrees.
  • It is integrated with the Mi Home app, to control the gadget with a smartphone.
  • A 5200mAh battery gives up to 2.5 hours of cleaning on a single charge.
  • An ultrasonic radar, cliff sensor, gyroscope and accelerometer are inserted inside the device for a good performance.
  • Three processors for real-time mapping and positioning are inbuilt for smooth functionality.

Price & Availability

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum is available for 1699 yuan or $250 from 6 September onwards in China. And hopefully, in this range, it is expected to give tough competition to other cleaning robots as the cheapest Roomba is available for $375.


Xiaomi is excited to connect with home appliances and hopes to see it continues its success with this device too.