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X-Connect – One Cable for all your Phones and USB Devices

ASAP X-connect

X-Connect is world’s first cross-device magnetic cable that lets you charge different devices with using just one cable, which means you only need one cable for all your phones. In a family or a group of friends, there iPhone and Android users who fight over who gets to keep the cable plugged in. With asap x-connect world’s most advanced and strongest magnetic cable, you no longer have to fight with just 1 cable for all your USB devices and is even capable of even holding up an iPad Air.

ASAP Technologies is a consumer electronics startup based in Sydney with a global team who believe users should be the creators and innovators of products. Asap’s mission is to create highly innovative phone accessories that improve your relationship with your mobile phone because your mobile phone is the one object you interact with every day more than any other object or person.

World’s Strongest Magnets

We’ve designed 3 connectors to fit all 3 types of main connectors today for all mobile phones, tablets and USB devices. Each asap x-connect cable features 2x N52 grade neodymium magnets which are the world’s strongest commercial grade magnets. The cables have got a reversible magnetic connection which means instant connection to the phone every single time you connect it.

The magnetic cables will protect your phone port from dust and dirt entering it. It will also expand the life of your phone port from the normal wear and tear of cables being inserted and pulled out on a day to day, just by leaving the tip in there. Asap x-connect has also improved the magnetic connection to be 33% stronger with the potential to connect from a distance of 38mm, which is an increase from the original ASAP connect’s 28mm.

Features of X-connect

  • USB-C Tip for Android Devices-Cross compatible prong connector.
  • Micro-USB Tip for Android Devices- N52 Grade Neodymium Magnets Alpha Tip for Apple Devices- 18K Gold Plating.
  • Reversible Type An asap x-connect is engineered to have a reversible Type A which is the side of the cable that inserts into your wall charger, laptop or power bank. This means no more fiddling around to connect your cable and being able to connect it on the first attempt every time.
  • Aluminum Shield.
  • Nylon Braided Cable.
  • LED Indicator.

As long as you have a device that requires a Lightning connector such as iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad etc, a Micro USB connector such as Android phones, headphones etc, or a USB-C connector such as Galaxy Note 7, Nexus 6P etc, asap x-connect will work every time.

ASAP x-connect supports easy data transfer. But due to the LED light creating a max voltage barrier, fast charge technology like QualComm 2.0 and Samsung Adaptive Fast Charge will charge about 5 – 10% slower.

ASAP has got the Certifications for:

  1. The sale of safe electronic devices within the United States.
  2. The sale of safe electronic devices within the European Economic Area.
  3. A certification that ensures that hazardous materials are not used in the manufacturing process.

Released in October 2016

The ASAP x-connect will be available in three different colors: Gold, Silver, and Gunmetal and is available for purchase now. The best thing about ASAP X-Connect is its cross-device compatibility.