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Wyze Cam v2: A Truly Affordable Smart Home Security Camera

Wyze Cam v2

The Wyze Labs has long been known for offering a very popular and easy to buy security camera and now the same company has come up with the second version of the same camera at an affordable price. The Wyze Cam v2 is actually fully loaded security camera capable to deliver 1080p HD video recording along with the ability to tag motion. But the most important thing about the camera is its $20 price tag which is just a small fraction of the price one needs to shell out for competitive brands such as the Nest Cam or Amazon Cloud Cam.

The Wyze Cam v2 has just been made available for pre-order. If you want a heavy-duty security camera that besides recording high definition video also offers continuous capture in both day and night, this camera just stands as the perfect solution. Wyze Cam v2 comes loaded with a new CMOS sensor that ensures capturing video day and night. This camera also comes powered with a Class-K audio power amplifier which is capable to capture the ambient sound easily. Moreover, there is a microphone allowing you to communicate others on audiovisual media.

It’s really a mind-boggling deal breaker

When you look for a great device at a competitively lower price, there are all sorts of deals you can expect ranging from cheap deals to never before deals with the unbelievable ones. The $20 priced WyzeCam 2 comes in the last category. Yes, offered at a fraction of most other security cameras with similar price, it really offers an unbelievable deal. Most important of all, it really doesn’t come with hidden prices for things like cloud storage or threatening security leaks to make up the cost.

Price and availability

Wyze Cam v2 is available for preorder, and the shipping is expected to start from the end of this month. In spite of several feature upgrades and quality enhancements it really brought us the camera in the unbelievable old price of just $19.99. For shipping, there can be a $6 addition, but if you go for more than one unit it can actually gets cheaper.

Same low footprint form-factor

Just as the original, the Wyze Cam v2 also boasts of a very low footprint, cute little design that helps the camera to stand easily on an adjustable stand. Wyze thanks to the adhesive metal and magnetic plates can easily be mounted almost anywhere without requiring any screws.

It is powerful inside as well

When it comes to innards, it has gone through several enhancements from its earlier version. There is a 6-foot Micro-USB power cord and AC adapter so that you never really go short in cords when using the camera for 360-degree monitoring.

The V2 comes with 110-degree wide-angle lens that is capable to capture 1080p (HD) video. But, you can always toggle the lens into SD mode whenever you need. The powerful new CMOS sensor will empower the lens for far enhanced and crisply sharp image quality in both day and night.

It also comes with a feature called motion-tagging which allows detecting and highlighting motions within a video. The feature is available in both playback modes and live-streaming. Thanks to this, you can easily detect any movement in a video. This is particularly helpful for detecting the motion on small screens.

The V2 also supports night vision with its four infrared LEDs, and this allows you to use the camera for 24-hour continuous home-security. The camera comes with cloud storage support to allow saving 14 days’ worth of videos with detection-alert on. This huge storage space is offered without any extra charge.

Lastly, the Wyze Cam v2 also comes loaded with a speaker and a microphone that allows you to use the camera as an intercom. The microphone loaded with a new audio chip helps actively reducing noise interference.


If you have used the first generation Wyze Cam, you will find this version 2 really enthralling with a lot of enhancements. It is amazingly small, cute and feature-rich and offers crisp video in all circumstances. Most important of lol, it just comes at an unbelievably cheaper price that makes it all the more worth buying.