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Wynd Is The New Smartest Air Purifier For Your Personal Space

Wynd Is The New Smartest Air Purifier For Your Personal Space

Wynd is a smart air purifier. It is portable and cleans air effectively. It continuously monitors air quality. Wynd creates a bubble of clean air around you by removing dust, allergens, smoke, and pollution from the air you breathe. Whether that’s in your office, home, hotel, or car… or anywhere else you go. It’s not just an air purifier. Wynd is an intelligent air quality system. The included detachable Air Quality Tracker. It monitors the air for harmful particles and tells you how polluted your air is.

Easy to carry.

It’s the size of a water bottle. So you can take it with you wherever you go, whether you are traveling, working at the office, or sleeping at home. Wynd can create a bubble of clean air around you or your family. Also, data on the environment is sent to the iOS app to deliver deeper insights into the user’s environment. It also help whole communities create a Waze of air quality to make healthier choices.

8 litres of clean air per second.

Wynd keeps your personal space free from particulates, including allergens, germs, and industrial pollution. It absorbs ambient air, filters particulates and diffuses purified air into your environment. It cleans these particles out quickly. Despite its small form factor, It can deliver over 8 liters of clean air per second. The company designed a low-turbulence, high-airflow system. This keeps Wynd small while enabling it to clean a high volume of air and stay quiet.

Medical-grade air filter.

Wynd contains a medical-grade air filter. It is capable of purifying particles as small as 0.3um. That is 1 / 210th the average thickness of human hair. The filter is lined with an antimicrobial layer lined with silver to keep it clean from microbes such as bacteria and mold. The particulate pollutants are removed as air passes through this filter. Any residual germs are killed off. Then the purified air flows out into your environment.

Wynd Alerts.

The filter typically lasts for 3 months in a polluted environment (with an average AQI of 200). But don’t worry about having to calculate it, Wynd does it for you. Replacing filters is automated. This is done by tracking how polluted the air is around the filter—as well as Wynd’s airflow level and usage duration. It can tell you how used up the filter is and alert you when it’s time to order a replacement.

The Wynd Air Quality Tracker continuously monitors the air around you. It then alerts you when it becomes unhealthy. The tracker senses particulate matter, such as allergens, tobacco smoke, bacteria, mold spores, and industrial pollution.

Available on Indiegogo.

Wynd isn’t just an air purifier. It’s an intelligent personal air quality system. It monitors your environment and cleans as needed. It is the size of a water bottle. So it’s easy to use anywhere—in offices, hotels, cars, public transportation, and more.The Wynd is available in two colors: White & Black; for $199 on Indiegogo.