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Get Wowed with the WOWee ONE Slim Portable Speaker

wowee one slim

Technological advances around the world today are offering users with a plethora of modern gadgets and devices. Everyone is owning the latest phone, the most modern laptop and the trendiest tablet. While these gadgets perform a wide range of ground-breaking tasks, the sound quality is not up to the mark. It is a known fact that the internal speakers of smartphones and tablets is often poor. These handy gadgets are usually incapable of offering substantial sound amplification, paving the way for the portable speakers industry.

Introducing WOWee ONE Slim

While there are various portable speakers out in the market, they are fairly bulky. With out-of-the-box features, the WOWee ONE Slim doesn’t fail to impress. Imagine a mini device that can convert any surface into a giant speaker! It is a compact portable speaker that offers great on-the-go solutions for enhanced audio playback. It plays audio from a content source such as a smartphone or a tablet and projects sound at high volume while consuming very little power. It uses hybrid technology to produce crystal clear acoustics and incredible bass, thus providing a full range frequency response. It provides full stereo sound and can be played anywhere and at any time.

Incredible Features

  • The WOWee ONE Slim is powered by an internal rechargeable battery and can be recharged via computer USB or a 5V USB power adapter using a plug.
  • It has the ability to play music even while it is being charged. It is just the size of one’s palm and weighs a measly 120 gms, thus making it so easy to carry.

It offers users some impressive features:

  • Extreme portability
  • Rechargeable via USB
  • Up to 10 hours of play time
  • LED low battery indicator
  • AUX and USB port
  • Incredible bass in the 40Hz-20kHz sound range

What’s More?

The 2W WOWee ONE Slim has the capability to turn any surface into a subwoofer; it can be placed on numerous surfaces like tables, cabinets, doors and windows. Each surface provides a different audio experience depending on the density; denser the surface, lesser the vibration and hence lesser the bass.

It is very easy to operate. One just needs to connect an audio source to it and it plays unlimited top quality music. It has no control buttons on it. All functions are performed from the device which is connected to it; a smartphone, tablet or a laptop. The absence of the power on-off button erases the possibility of accidently draining the battery, which in turn helps in retaining its battery life. The WOWee ONE slim is available in two colours – polar white and sophisticated black & chrome.

What is it worth?

The WOWee ONE Slim is priced at a decent $80 or £50. With benefits such as on-the-go portability and anytime audio, it offers great sound quality. It is available at major retailers and most online shopping websites. Moreover, if users wish to stick it onto any flat surface or even a window, they can purchase the gel back accessory for just $16 or £10.

The Bottom Line

Portable speakers are a great way to convert a simple hand held device into an on-the-go sound system. With the WOWee ONE slim, users can experience great sound quality at all times. It is so compactly built that people can actually carry them in their pockets and play amazing quality audio as and when they like. Having a house party tonight? Connect the WOWee ONE slim to your iPod and dance the night away!