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Woobo – The Interactive Robot Friend for Your Kid

Woobo Kids Robot

Are you looking for a cute and smart gift for your little kid this Christmas? Why not gift something that can quench his curious questions now and then? Yes, while kids love asking questions and we should always encourage their thirst for more knowledge, often we cannot keep pace with them. Now a new educational playmate called Woobo can just do the ideal job of answering your kid as a playmate robot. Obviously, you cannot make a better company for your kid than Woobo when it is about coming with immediate answers to all sorts of curious questions and queries.

Robots for children as a concept is already popular and there are several of them making rounds in the market. But while most of them just become plaything or stick to funny gestures, the everyday learning with little queries and interactions which little minds are a specialist at goes missing. Get your kid a Woobo and let him get the best of both worlds, interactive learning and a fun-filled playmate.

By far it is the most innovative playmate robot for kids that can indulge in so many activities. Looking like soft, goofy stuffed animals that children regularly cuddle with, Woobo can talk, tell stories, give expressions to certain feelings, sing songs and play games with kids. The best thing is Woobo always learns from the kid’s behaviour accordingly adjusts itself.

What is Woobo?

Woobo is basically a personal assistant like Alexa that comes in the shape of a soft stuffed animal toy. Ideally designed for toddlers it can answer various questions your kid asks, play games with him and by constant learning and updating itself becomes able to indulge in new activities. Woobo has received an overwhelming response in the crowdfunding site Indiegogo with 400% funds achieved and now is receiving the same kind of response in Kickstarter.

The company behind this intelligent playmate is also called Woobo which is based in Boston and was alumni of MIT, Carnegie Mellon, and Harvard. The company was working for some time to come up with an AI-powered and interactive robot for kids and toddlers that can make good companionship besides working as a lively educational tool to accompany kids all the time. The makers of Woobo was particular about combining both playfulness and interactive learning.

What Woobo can do?

For the elders, questions asked now and then by their little kids are equally important to boost learning and tiresome at times as well. While sometimes you keep struggle to keep pace with the horrendous stream of queries your little one comes up with, you always find someone as godsend who willingly interacts with the little child and answer these questions. From now onwards, Woobo can take this responsibility of answering questions all the time. Isn’t that nice?

If you think just because Woobo is a robot the answers will be like machine minced mechanical stream of words, you are terribly wrong. Not only Woobo knows the answers of an unlimited number of serious questions concerning almost everything, but it also answers in an interactive and encouraging manner to push the children to ask and explore more on the subject. On top of this, Woobo as a device stay connected to a library full of songs and stories that can offer fun and education to the child.

Woobo is equipped to do as many as 40 different activities ranging from fun, education and curiosity. Designed as a stuffed animal with digital capabilities it can be a good friend for your kid offering entertainment, encouraging curiosity and delivering education. The face of Woobo offers a touchscreen display using which one can play songs, games and command other activities that are either pre-loaded or can be accessed through Wi-Fi.

How Woobo works?

While playing with Woobo children can sharpen their reasoning skills through a wide array of causal sequences decked with quizzes, puzzles, and adventure stories. Kids while engaging in these activities not only get entertained but also have better decision-making skills.

As for allowing parents exercising done controls over their kid’s activities Woobo comes equipped with an app allowing parents to monitor and control Woobo remotely right from their smart handhelds. Woobo allows parents setting reminders, scheduling tasks and having a look at the recent activities. The connected app also offers you viewing and selecting among the activities that Woobo is capable of performing.

As for inner hardware specs, Woobo is equipped with the following:

  • Microphone and speakers.
  • WiFi connectivity.
  • Several sensors.
  • A free connected mobile app allowing control.
  • A battery capable of working for 48 hours with single charge.

The value for money

Though the retail market price for Woobo is not fixed yet, as a pledger of this innovative robot device in crowdfunding platform, you can book it now for just $119 which is expected to be at least 40% less than the maximum retail price available in the market. Woobo is available in three colours, respectively as teal, pink, and violet. As per the plan of the company Woobo should start shipping anytime this month.

Final verdict

Woobo is awesomely entertaining robotic playmate that we have never seen before. This uniqueness apart, Woobo can really bring a new way of educating your little child at home. It is worth spending for any parents with toddlers at home.