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Windowmate – Now Let a Robot Clean your Windows for you

Windowmate Robot

Imagine a device cleaning your windows for you. Sounds absurd but Windowmate does that. It is basically a smart window cleaning robot that will go zig zag on the window until both the sides of the pane are clean. It was put on display at the IFA trade show in Berlin last month. Windowmate cleans both sides of the window simultaneously with the help of the magnets that attach to the glass.

Smart Design

This smart window cleaning robot is designed in a manner to clean every inch of a window. Windowmate recognizes position with the help of 4 sensors i.e. Ultrasonic Sensor, Accelerometer Sensor, Magnetic Sensor and Contact Sensor, which enhance the cleaning performance of the device without missing any part of the window. It has an ultra pure microfiber pad with 35,000 strands per 1 cm square that remove the dirt on the glass surface with efficiency.

Robotic Features of Windowmate

  1. Smart Operation: Windowmate has got a button on the top to start cleaning. It automatically recognizes the width and height of the window and moves autonomously and cleans off the window.
  2. Safety: The device has strong Neodymium magnets for non-dropping in any situation like a malfunction, or battery discharge. The magnets are strong enough to withstand the wind as well.
  3. Cleaning: The ultra pure microfiber pads with 35,000 strands see to it the glass is cleaned with perfection.
  4. Auto returning: After finishing the cleaning work, Windowmate returns to its original position with the help of auto returning feature.

How does it work?

This latest cleaning robot does smart work. To get it into action, you need attach pad on the either side of the window and just push the button. Both the sides will have Neodymium magnets that hold the device strongly and avoids falling down in the case of malfunction or low battery. The 4 sensors- Ultrasonic, Accelerometer, Magnetic, and Contact sensors help the machine to work efficiently. The edge cleaning mode cleans the edges of the window once again. The automatic recognition of width and height of the window helps the device to know the directions without you having to reposition it.

The microfiber pads are really good and can be removed if needed. It automatically recognizes the starting point and returns to its initial location on its own. It covers all the nooks and corners of your window as it sprays detergent and the microfiber pads scrub your windows clean. You have to be able to reach both sides of the glass simultaneously to put the Windowmate in place.

The Components in the Box

  • Main body
  • Pad
  • Safety Cord
  • Charger
  • Battery
  • Detergent
  • Remote Control

Battery Life

Windowmate is rechargeable, so once you are done with the cleaning you can plug both the units into the charger. Windowmate takes two and a half hours to charge and can clean for 90 minutes straight on a full charge. Also, the battery replacement is easy.

Price & Availability

The first edition of the Windowmate was launched only in Japan. While the second edition is coming to Europe as well and is priced at 500 euros. That is about $560, £420, or AU$740. They are planning to bring Windowmate in the US in 2017.


This robot mop with sponges attached to the base that works vertically is a great device to clean your windows. The Windowmate is basically for people who have huge glass windows either at their home or their stores. The only lacking thing with Windowmate is that you have to be able to reach both sides of the glass simultaneously to put the Windowmate in place.