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Why Google’s Robot Dog is going to amaze you?

Why Google's Robot Dog is going to amaze you?

After wearables, 3D printing and home automation what has caught our attention is Robotics and it fits well with all the three technologies mentioned before. There is a robot dog which sweeps the floors and keeps your house clean. A perfect example of the combination of home automation and robotics. If there is something new in technology, Google has to be among the frontrunners of every new technology in the market and this time we will let you know what is Google’s take on Robotics and how it plans to do so by acquiring Boston Dynamics.

What is Boston Dynamics?

Google acquired Boston Dynamics, an engineering and robotics deign company which created waves due to their popular product “BigDog”, a quadruped robot which was developed specifically for the U.S military services for secret options. They have even worked with the American Systems Corporation under a contract from Naval Air Warfare Centre. Google acquired the company in 2013 and since then it has been under the leadership of Andy Rubin. Marc Raibert, the President of Boston Dynamics started the company from MIT  way back in 1992.

What is Google’s Robot Dog?

When Google acquired Boston Dynamics, it directly had the ownership of Boston Dynamics’ ongoing Robotics projects and the most important one being Big Dog. Google recently released a video of a small Google robot dog named “Spot” which weighs around 160 pounds with an electric powerhouse and can operate both outsides as well as indoors too. The robot dog can walk like a dog, climb stairs, climb a cliff and it can even sustain kicks by humans and unlike the real dogs, this robot dog would not even bite you.

Other exciting features of Google’s Robot Dog

The Robot Dog is built lighter keeping in mind that it has to sustain human kicks and remain stable and even climb terrains. The BigDog was around 240 pounds and it could carry weight up to 340 pounds, but “Spot” is the lightest and the fittest member of the family can move with agility and even more speed too. It is good to use the Robot Dog in places where there is not much room to play with but you still need the tasks to be performed without hampering the accuracy. The spot is quite organic as you can see so well in the video which is the fact that Boston Dynamics, though have given the powers to Google still they maintain the control on their products.

Still, these are early days for the Robot Dog and not much has been known about it so this is all we could get for you. Though we would be updating this post once there is more information and news about the Robot Dog “Spot” from Google or from any other reliable sources. If you have any information about the Robot Dog please don’t hesitate to mention it in the comments below.