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Weistek Launches Kid-Friendly MiniToy 3D Printer at Just $249

MiniToy 3D Printer

Are you looking to make your child to innovate? It is difficult to get children to be interested creatively on the whole. But by making their own toys, one can actually get them to think different. Weistek, a China-based company recently developed a 3D printer which will encourage kids to make 3D models with their own hands and imagination.

Dreams Realised!

Kids can now bring imagination into life by printing their own toys. This is the coolest innovation in terms of kid-based educational ideas. With a steam-based education pattern on an integrated platform, parents can add another dimension to their child’s education.

China has already expressed interest in installing 3D printers in each of their elementary schools. With multiple companies trying to leverage the opportunity for 3D printing especially in the education sector, Weistek is one that is launching its STEM-ready, kid-friendly 3D printer that is priced at just about $249.

The company is a 5- year old company manufacturing and designing 3D printers, filaments and related software. With a team of 20 engineers who feature in R&D, and 2 approved patents, the company is pitching its MiniToy 3D Printer to the world, especially in its capability to make toys in 3D itself. The product is being manufactured in a 4.000 square meter facility in Shenzhen, while the company has already started a funding campaign at Kickstarter to bolster its production process.

MiniToy 3D Printer – The Kid-Friendly Version

The world’s first truly kid-friendly MiniToy 3D printer is here. In doing so, the company is starting out with 3D printing for kids that is one of the best ones so far. With an ultra-low price point and with all mechanical and heated parts not visible, children can never get accidental burns or injuries with it.

The product also has increased accessibility options with the mobile app which consists of multiple hands-on activities for STEAM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics), making it easy for teachers for producing interactive content.

The product recently made it to the list of “The Most Promising Electronic Gadgets” at Global Sources Electronics Show. The list of the gadgets includes the products made in China but have the potential to go global.

How Does it Work?

To introduce children and families to 3D printing, MiniToy was made to be super easy to use. In only three steps, your child will print 3D models that they like. One can connect the system to the desktop, connect it wirelessly with the MiniToy app and that’s it. No hassles whatsoever!

As part of the deliverables, one can get a fully assembled MiniToy 3D printer that just needs to be connected to the iPad or iPhone and just install a big filament spool.

  • The One-Touch-Print function can get kids to make 3D toys just like that!
  • Kids and teachers can explore 3D printing with MiniToy.
  • It prompts imagination and ignites the child’s curiosity by covering the basic printing mechanics.
  • It does not look like a machine and appears to be a toy since all the mechanics are invisible.
  • The magnetic eyes and the well cushioned rotating handle provides different elements of excitement too.

3D printers are usually known for hot nozzles, and large metal pieces, that can lead to inadvertent burns and injuries. But MiniToy does not have visible moving parts and is toxic-free and environmentally-friendly.

With MiniToy’s mobile app, one can transform different subjects into varied interactive activities! Kids can now enhance their learning process by creating something from imagination in more ways than one. They can now physically navigate science models while also visualizing technology with ease. MiniToy also ricochets arts and crafts to a new level, and even renders children to believe in their creativity!