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VSN Mobil V.360° : The Best Panoramic Camera

VSN V360 Camera

Ever thought what the future of Digital Images would be like? A company named VSN Mobil has launched their flagship camera V.360° and it will be shipping to the users in time for the holiday season to begin. The camera V.360° shoots 360-degree video at 1080 at about 30 frames/second. The camera would also take 8MP photos and it will be a great asset to have for travelers, photography enthusiasts and nature lovers who like capturing their candid moments with nature in a full 360-degree view. Let us discuss the what V.360° is all about.

VSN Mobil’s V.360°:

VSN Mobil had announced the V.360° camera a year back, but it was recent that the company announced that they are ready with the final product and will start shipping it soon to the users. The V.360° camera is quite sturdy and is designed to take the field with you with its IP67 waterproofing and toughness comparable to military standards. The V.360° works pretty well with the GoPro Mount accessories. It runs on Android Kitkat with 2.3 GHz Snapdragon CPU and it has Bluetooth inbuilt and Wi-Fi for better connectivity. The V.360° can be handled even by an Android/iOS app built for specific purposes.

V.360° experience

With V.360°, you can make any angle your perfect angle. It has now become the first device to capture 360 degrees videos/images with up to 16 Megapixel in full 1080 HD. Whether it is a road trip with friends, a family weekend getaway or a wedding etc. you can use the V.360° to capture every minute detail and can cherish the experience in the years to come. You can order one for yourself, in case you are wondering how the V.360°works. You can order it on: and voila! you get free shipping. The V.360° is also available on Amazon, so you can choose your option accordingly. It will cost you $399 and lots of memories to cherish.

Why you need a V.360° today?

Do you know any such camera which has the ability to capture panoramic videos/ images with a single tap? There is no photoshop, no messy patchwork of the images required, just simple single tap shoot and play. The camera uses a mirror for this specific purpose along with a 16 Megapixel image sensor.

The best part about using the V.360° is that it comes along with mobile apps for iOS as well as Android and it provides a proper platform for V.360° to perform. It is a high possibility that you have either of the two devices to use with this epic camera. The images/ videos are pretty flat, just like they are seen in the mobile app. The camera provides you an option to view the images/videos in your respective apps and you an even edit/crop the images or videos as per your needs. Turn the phone or tablet to view the media in different views. All in all, the V.360° is a must buy if you are looking for the best camera experience.