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VoxEra Will Make International Calling And Texting Free

VoxEra Will Make International Calling And Texting Free

International calling and texting can get really expensive we’ve all experienced it at least once. Luckily, a tiny device called VoxEra lets you use your domestic plan while you are overseas. VoxEra, an Egypt-based startup, wants to solve that problem once and for all.It uses a combination of 3G,4G Wi-Fi and a world mobile SIM data card to provide full functionality of the user’s home data plan while out-of-country – allowing users to make calls without roaming fees.


GigSky is a world data SIM that provides 3G/4G Internet in 90 countries with the most affordable prices. It’s SIM card comes with 100MB Free and Internet included. 100MB data is enough to make calls with VoxEra for 500 minutes. By the way VoxEra backers, who will pledge for Kickstarter price reward($119) will get GigSky SIM card for FREE, shipped with VoxEra device in June.

GigSky has worldwide coverage. And so it offers prices as low as $0.01 per MB in Europe, $0.05 per MB in Americas, $0.05 per MB for Asia Pacific and $0.10 per MB in Middle East/ Africa. GigSky SIM card is compatible with any phone or tablet.

Why is VoxEra the best solution?

There are a lot of apps for calling and texting while traveling. The problem with those roaming apps is that the recipient of your call or text needs to have a smartphone, download the app, and be connected to WiFi (or use a ton of data) to receive your message.

But VoxEra is different:

VoxEra uses a standard GSM network. You can easily call or text anyone in your contact list without worrying if they have downloaded the VoxEra app or are connected to WiFi.

It allows you to use your own SIM card. This means that you will have the same number, and the same credit balance as when you left. This way you can send and receive calls or texts without paying a single roaming fee.

VoxEra Reach lets you make international calls at a very low price, whether you are abroad or in your hometown.

If you don’t have an internet connection, It can even forward the incoming calls to your number in the country you are traveling to for a low cost fee.

If you are unable to answer a call, VoxEra will send you the call through the voice mail.

It doesn’t require any configuration to work. Just connect the device to the internet and experience the magic. It works on any type of internet connection. It can also be wall mounted, it fits anywhere.

How does VoxEra work?

It is like a message converter. At the time of receiving a call, It will receive a GSM call and then convert that call into a VoIP call. It then sends that converted message to the Cloud through the Internet. Similarly, while making a call, VoxEra will send a message through the Cloud. When the device has received the message, our device converts it into a GSM call, at which point, it is delivered to the number you’ve dialed. Any calls make using it will be encrypted. This makes the product 100% secure. So you can be assured that no third party is listening to you.

The VoxEra is launching on Kickstarter, where it’s already surpassed its $20,000 goal. Units start at $80 and are expected to ship in June.