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Volta V – An Elegant, Sustainable Computer for your Home or Office

Volta V Computer

We often look at our old PCs and think how old school it looks. We are all bored with its same old metal and plastic build of typical desktop PCs. Our old PCs look like something out of an old science fiction movie and they rarely fit in our usual home decor. But Computer Direct Outlet is here to change that. With its Volta V wooden case that’s intended to fit into more elegant environments while adding in some of the other benefits that wood affords, Computer Direct Outlet wants to give a PC that fits in your decor and gives it a renewed look.

Designed for Life

The Volta V is like a handmade hardwood furniture with customizable PC components. It is the first commercially-produced handcrafted wooden computer. The unibody framework is made from domestically-sourced, selectively cut trees in the USA. Volta V is a sustainable, powerful computer that is guaranteed to be proactively supported with repairs and upgrades and is equipped to handle intense design tasks, engineering work, and gaming.

Every Volta V is cut from American hardwood and precision-machined before being hand-assembled and finished. Volta V stands only 5.5 inches tall. That’s the perfect height to set a monitor for a more ergonomic sitting. When not in use, your keyboard hides away beneath the computer, creating a compact workspace that stays neat.

Why do we need Volta V?

Over time, our computers eventually get slow, the plastic fades, its parts fall off, and it becomes clogged with dust. After a while, we replace it with a new one. Most of these computers are designed to last only a couple of years. It is noted that Americans throw away more than 9.4 million tons of e-waste each year. The first and major step to a solution is to design a computer that will be useful and stylish for a long time. A PC that is built with modular parts that can be upgraded for years.

A Powerful, Sustainable System

  1. Enhance your desk: Have a minimalistic, beautiful environment for work and play with the Volta V. With the appeal of a mid-century modern piece of furniture, the Volta V is a statement piece for your desk.
  2. Cool & quiet: With a combination of liquid cooling, ultra-quiet fans, and a unique dust filtration system, Volta V stays cool and quiet under load without throttling and doesn’t accumulate performance-wrecking dust. The acoustics of the Volta V is designed to push all fan noise down and away from you.
  3. Dust-free airflow: There is an active convection airflow system that moves air up and out the back of the machine. Two large easily removable magnetic dust filters make cleaning a snap.
  4. Cable-free workspace: Volta V hides the motherboard inside the framework of the machine, slots are cut to allow the keyboard, networking, and access to more permanent connections to be hidden away.
  5. Magnetic Entry: Volta V has strong magnets that hold the lid on and it can also be easily removed for repairs, upgrades, and attaching cables to the inside. Every component is clearly laid out on a single level for the most intuitive user repair experience.

Different Configurations

The first thing you notice when you look at Volta V is that it has got an aesthetic look and all the all the technology that you’ll need for your day to day endeavors. Volta V is available in three different configurations: the top end version of the Volta V boasts Intel Skylake Core i7 4.0GHz Overclocked, 16GB DDR4 RAM, NVidia GeForce 1080 8GB and Windows 10 64 Bit.

The 4K Gaming, Design and VR iteration will be available for $2,499, the other iteration that provides Content Creation & High FPS Gaming will be available for $3,020, while the Unlocked and Overclocked 8-Core Broadwell-E will be sold at $4,077.