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Voice Bridge – Invoxia’s new product to Access Landline Through Mobile

Invoxia Voice Bridge

Does anybody still use a landline? Well, there may be a lot of people who like the old number as sort of souvenir from the bygone time or maybe they need the number since it is in use for generations. Well, whatever be the case, this new device from Invoxia called Voice Bridge will make your handling of landline easier than ever. What about putting the entire landline inside your mobile device? Well, that is exactly what is promised by this new device. You do not mourn the death of landline anymore. Rather with this new device, you have every reason to keep using your old good landline.

How does it work?

This is a voice bridge product developed by Invoxia, the same brand who earlier made Triby. It allows you using the landline through your mobile. It works by connecting your landline phone with the Wi-Fi network allowing routing all your landline calls to your smartphone through an app. This Voice Bridge device actually helps to turn the smartphone into an alternative landline interface so that you can use the landline number for receiving and making calls just like your mobile number.

Easy Plug and Play Installation

Invoxia Voice Bridge can be easily set-up thanks to the easy plug-and-play installation. All you need to do is to connect the Voice Bridge device to your landline as well as the Wi-Fi router. Now download the respectively connected app from the app store and then launch the app. When the app is launched you are notified instantly of the new connection. Now you can easily take or make landline calls from your smartphone without reaching for the landline receiver.

A Gamut of Value added Possibilities

This new voice bridge device not just allows you using the landline from your smartphone but coupled up with the connected FollowMeAudio app you can literally take your landline anywhere.  It offers immense possibilities for a landline user. Let us have a look at some of them.

  • Missing incoming calls in your landline number literally becomes impossible since just like regular mobile calls all your landline calls follows you wherever you go.
  • While you can make landline calls from anywhere in the world, you do not need to pay for any overage charges for this.
  • If you are on vacation and in remote places away from your home or office, still you remain connected with the landline calls.
  • You enjoy local call rates for calling to Voice Bridge connected landline in your native country.
  • You save the uncertainty, tariff and time required for call forwarding from a landline number.
  • Small business owners can avoid sharing their private numbers as they would always be available on landline thanks to this device.
  • Most important of all, when your cell phone does not have network coverage, you still can make landline calls from your cell phone.

Multi-device Support

These days every household got plenty of handheld devices. So, what about turning all of them into alternative landline interface? Yes, with voice bridge you can do that for as many as five devices including smartphone and tablets. Any of these devices can be used to receive or make calls. That sounds great, isn’t it? But wait, there are even more you can do with this. When someone is having a call, the other devices can also join for a conference call. Moreover, when these devices are home one can make free HD calls from one device to another through Voice Bridge intercom feature.

Voice Bridge App called FollowMeAudio

The device is coming with a mobile app called FollowMeAudio. Presently the app is only available on App Store for iOS platform and soon the Android app is going to be launched. The app will offer a single window interface to deal with all your landline requirements.

  • Voice Bridge app allows easy integration of all your landline contacts.
  • The app offers missed call and voicemail notifications over the locked screen.
  • You can always configure the app in the way you want it to behave.

Price & Availability

It has been priced $99 and is available at Amazon store.