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Vivo Nex: An All-screen Smartphone with a Pop-up Selfie Camera

Vivo Nex

The Chinese company Vivo just unveiled its new phone called the Vivo Nex. The phone is said to have ultra-thin bezels and a pop-up front camera, this concept was shown at the recent Mobile World Congress. This is the closest we can get to see a truly bezel-free smartphone. It is based on Apex, the concept phone that Vivo talked about back in February. The smartphone has a screen-to-body ratio of 91.24 percent. But Vivo agrees that there is still a slight chin at the bottom of the screen.

Next-gen features

The Vivo Nex packs a variety of next-generation features which helps it achieve the bezel-less look it has got. There is an in-display fingerprint scanner. No matter how much Vivo claims to have created a bezel-less phone, there is still a slight chin at the bottom of the phone and a faint bezel around the borders. But the remarkable thing is still how minimum bezel it has.

Three different technologies come together

Vivo has brought together three different technologies to make this new design work. The major technology is the pop-up selfie camera. After starting the selfie mode, you will see a little camera jump out mechanically so you can click a selfie. If you switch the camera or exit the camera app, it will drop down and hide back in just 2 seconds. It’s kind of fun to play around with this little camera.

Now that the selfie camera is hiding inside the phone in the new Vivo Nex, there will be no face scanner like the other modern smartphones announced this year. There is a 3.5 mm audio jack right next to this camera. There is also a USB-C charging port and single speaker for you to listen to the general audio.

Screen sound casting technology

Generally, smartphones have a while on the device for an earpiece speaker, but this time Vivo has built this speaker into the display itself. This is achieved using a Screen Sound Casting technology. It is said to be similar to bone conduction technology. You can place any part of the screen to your ears to hear the voice. Vivo is claiming that this would offer better sound quality.

The third interesting technology is the fingerprint scanner built in the display. Vivo Nex won’t be the first phone to bring in fingerprint sensor in the display. But this is still pretty much a novelty to just use the fingerprint sensor on display. Including these three technologies in the smartphone has allowed Vivo to rule out the notches and slim down the bezels on the Nex.

Not waterproof or dustproof

The phone has a glass back with curved edges. This will help it sit quite comfortably in hand. The phone is large, but it has a 6.6-inch display, that shouldn’t be too difficult to handle. The display on the Vivo Nex is Full HD+. Also, it’s AMOLED display, so the colors you see are lively and vibrant. Also, the phone isn’t waterproof or dustproof. It features a top-end Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset. This is paired with an 8GB of RAM. There is no MicroSD slot available, but it includes 256GB of internal storage.

A massive battery

Vivo Nex features a 4,000 mAh battery. It doesn’t support wireless charging technology but supports fast charging. There is an 8MP sensor with f/2.0 aperture. On the rear, you will see dual-lens camera, one is 12MP while the other is 5MP. There are loads of features included like panorama, beauty mode, AI filters etc. You can long press on the volume down button in order to launch the camera app when the screen is off. There is a full manual mode, HDR, portrait, and Live photos as well.

Will only release in China for now

The Vivo Nex used to be a concept phone just a few months ago. But now we are very close to seeing it turn into a reality. This is one smartphone everybody will be excited to get their hands on. It packs some really innovative features and mixes some good technology to achieve that bezel-less look. The phone will currently only be available in China. Vivo has only confirmed a China release yet. It will be available in two colors: black and red. It will be priced somewhere around $780.