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Vitastiq: A Never-Before Device To Measure Vital Statistics Of Your Body


Your initial guess is right. Vitastiq is all about vital statistics. Already having the successful patronage of a crowdfunding project Vitastiq offers really futuristic capabilities like measuring counts of important body minerals and vitamins. It actually addresses a long unanswered concern: how can we know the vitamins and mineral we need without taking recourse to the symptoms. The days of living with vitamin deficiency are probably over thanks to Vitastiq.

Electro-Acupuncture Technology That Empowers Vitastiq

Vitastiq works on a scientifically proven and tested medical methodology called electro-acupuncture (EAV). As per the proponents of this technology in the acupuncture points in the body, we can find electrical current with more conductivity and a lesser amount of resistance. By measuring the electrical resistance the device measures the vital information about mineral and vitamin count in our body.

Without raking our brain much with the technical details what we can say is that Vitastiq is certified by competent authorities in both EU and US and is proved to live up to its claims of accurately measuring vital body minerals and vitamins.

How Vitastiq Works?

The device is chargeable with a battery and works via Bluetooth. It comes with an accompanying mobile app for both iOS and Android that allows the user to evaluate measures and statistics offered by the device. One thing that we are not informed about is how often or frequently the device should be used.

The device can be used by several different users by setting different profiles with the iOS and Android app. This allows tracking the mineral and vitamin count of anyone in your family with the same device. It must be noted that it works like a monitoring device just like the blood pressure monitor.

Fixing The Process Once And For All

Using Vitastiq with the right calibration becomes simple following a few initial attempts. It takes around 10 or 12 seconds to calibrate it on the outer thumb. Following a gentle push after the contact, you can find a blue LED light on the ballpoint and thus the calibration is done. Starting from here the device continues to indicate visually on each contact point.

The default mode of the device counts as much as 10 vital body vitamins and minerals. By choosing an advanced mode that count may go up to 20 that combine the readings from all points including the toes. A Total Care option offers up to 30 different readings taken through contact points spread all over the body.

When you finish taking readings from the device, a summary report is shown through the mobile app and besides offering statistics it also can show a graphical representation of your progress or deterioration over time. It also suggests an intake of minerals and vitamins based on your deficiency level.

Tricky Question Of Accuracy

When it comes to the question of taking the measurement seriously, you can depend on it just because so many readings taken from all parts of the body cannot just tell lie. But as far as the question of accuracy of numbers is concerned, we still can have some doubt. Undoubtedly it represents a new approach to offer us vital body statistics and the technology is expected to mature over time.

Vitastiq is conceptualized with the EAV technology which is completely not alien to the medical practice. Unfortunately, ever since this technology came way back in 1950 much has not been done to put it in practice for real-life innovations. After a long time, Vitastiq incorporated EAV through this awesomely smart device and we have at least something that peeps through our body to observe the state of things concerning body minerals and vitamins. In that respect, Vitastiq stands as a unique device to ensure a healthy life.

Final Verdict

The best thing about the device is that it works in a thoroughly non-invasive manner allowing absolute ease of use while taking readings across the body. It is to see how the manufacturers in the years to come can address the question and concern on accuracy with subsequent development. Even if it triggers a low reading in case of a slight decrease, it is doing good by putting an alarm on the situation.

Some of the key strengths that are worth mentioning about Vitastiq are its portable and lightweight built, multi-user support, extremely easy setup and a very easy to use the app.