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View-Master 2.0 – Get Transported into an Exciting Virtual World

View-Master 2.0

The virtual and augmented reality market is picking up pace. Offering immersive multimedia and computer-simulated reality along with sensory experiences like sight, touch, sound, and smell, virtual reality devices helps simulate physical presence in a real or imaginary world, allowing users to interact in that world. While Google Cardboard provides users with mobile virtual reality experiences, there are others which are offering similar or improved features to make the experience all the more exciting and sensational.

Second Generation View-Master

Mattel, the American toy manufacturing company, had enthralled a large user base last year by launching the Google Cardboard inspired View-Master virtual reality headset. Although the earlier version of View-Master was modestly priced and incorporated a great design with cool features, the company decided to launch the second-generation in order to provide a more thrilling and immersive experience.

Improved Design

View-Master 2.0 is built on the same design as the earlier version, but special care has been taken to fix glitches and issues that were faced by users with the previous design.

  • View-Master 2.0 possesses an improved design that enhances the usefulness of the gadget.
  • View-Master is made from high-quality and sturdy plastic that securely holds the users’ phone.
  • The glossy red, black and white colour combination makes it an attractive piece of gadget, unlike most Cardboards which look more like a pizza delivery box.
  • View-Master has a firm rubber shielding on the sides, which makes wearing the gadget more comfortable.
  • Additionally, the shielding also blocks out more light, making the entire augmented reality experience more gratifying.

Enhanced Experience

  • View-Master 2.0 uses Google Cardboard’s 2.0 framework and works with major Cardboard apps.
  • While the earlier version of View-Master did not allow users to connect their headphones, compelling them to rely on speakers, the new model houses a headphone jack adapter that can accommodate phones with jacks either on the top or bottom.
  • It incorporates a plastic adapter in the headset to accommodate wider range of device sizes, especially small-sized smartphones like the iPhone 5. Users no longer have to insert a separate adapter to house their phones.
  • The enhanced optical lenses provide users with a better view through the head-mounted virtual reality gear.
  • Users will also have the option to make focal adjustments for sharper results that suit their requirements.
  • The viewing latch has also been redesigned, which makes sure the users’ smartphone does fall out during the experience.

Offers 3 Experience Packs

View-Master 2.0 offers 3 experience packs: destination, space and wildlife. Each experience comes in 3 reels with an associated iOS and Android app. The reels do not slide into the View-Master, instead they have augmented reality markings on them. When users stare at the disc from their phone camera, they will be able to experience virtual reality in no time. The reels take users into a completely different world; using the wildlife reel, users can be transported to the forests of Amazon. And with the space reel, users can explore a 3D space shuttle.

Enjoy a Magical Experience

View-Master aspires to enable users to use their imagination to experience exciting virtual and augmented reality. The easy-to-use and affordable platform, compatible with modern smartphones, aims at creating a magical experience that will inspire a lifetime of curiosity and profound exploration. With the View-Master 2.0, you can now step into an amazing virtual world with just three items: a View-Master viewer, an Experience Pack, and a compatible iOS or Android smartphone. View-Master 2.0 is expected to be priced at a modest $40, in comparison to the older model which was priced at $30. The gadget will be launched later this year.