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Vie Fit: A Soft Custom Fit Earphone That You Have Never Seen Before

Vie Fit

Christmas is around the corner, and it is time to come with flashy gift packs for your near and dear ones. Well, earphones for some time are getting smart stylish, and naturally, people are increasingly considering them for special gift ideas. But why settle for less? You have now Vie Fit, a truly never before earphone which is soft to touch and exceptionally designed to custom-fit in the ear holes of the user.

You can’t resist asking, how can an earphone really become so irresistible with just a soft look and a decent fit. Hey, this apparent look and feel is just the beginning, there’s pretty more that made us like it. It is needless to say it is a wireless earphone. It is at the same time antibacterial in material properties, and so prolonged wearing and sweat cannot interfere with your skin. There are much more that this cute little earphone offers. Let us begin our discussion with design and built.

Almost The Best Earphone Design Ever

Vie Fit is truly a unique earphone particularly because of the innovative design. It is the world’s softest wireless earphone that can perfectly fit into anyone’s ear. It does not look as soft as it is felt once it touches your skin. Basically, the product has been made from silicone which is extra-flexible and low resistance in character. While this special silicone used in making Vie Fit offers ultimate flexibility, it remains strong and durable as well. Using comfy foam at the tips these buds also can bounce in the floor in case they are dropped.

Robust Speaker System

Vie Fit comes loaded with a 360 rotating speaker system. The best thing about this speaker is that it is omnidirectional and it automatically fit the angle of an ear irrespective of who wear it. Together with a great speaker and flexibility to fit into any ear will ultimately help your eardrum get the best sound output in all circumstances. The 8mm neodymium dynamic speaker will deliver the clearest sound you can ever imagine in most smart earphones in the market. The noise cancellation technology of this beautiful wearable will further boost the sound output and clarity.

Best Connectivity Solutions

Vie Fit has been developed to accommodate the latest technology in connecting the audio input. It uses latest Qualcomm standard with Bluetooth 5.0 along with the state of the art audio profile. This new module is equipped to address most of the glitches previously experienced with sound output in wireless and Bluetooth connected earphones.

Not Cheap But It Is Worth The Price

Vie Fit is far from affordable with a price tag of $149 for these two small pieces of the earphone. But when you compare these with most other smart earphones available in the market, you actually find them irresistible despite its price tag. It is present on the verge of completing its successful Kickstarter campaign, and you can place an order with a lucrative early bird price of $74.

Battery life Is Not Bad

Vie Fit advertised its battery life to be 4.5 hours with just a single full charge. But to solve the battery life problem on the go, the company offers you a case that can store 30 hours of extra charge to use as and when needed.

Final Verdict

Before commenting on whether the product is really worth the price or not let us admit that it is too early to deliver a verdict on that since it is just a prototype we have seen and experienced in your hands. But when the earphones really come out on the market, it is bound to make a following even from big brands thanks primarily to its unique and custom fit design.

Earbuds are something we use now across all walks of life, from morning workouts to travelling to serious music listening or private telephony. Naturally, any design that prevents our earphones from slipping off will have a round of applause from everyone. From this perspective, only Vie Fit seems to be a perfect innovation to add value to the life of millions. It is bound to set the trend for earphone design once it comes on the market.