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VastStick: World’s largest Data Storage Device


The Vast Stick is an innovative data storage device. The VastStick is a controller and driver unit. It allows you to store enormous amounts of data storage capacity by adding up to 16 microSD cards of any size into the unit. Vast Stick is not a SD card reader and it’s definitely not a Flash Drive. The company uses new patented technology that does not yet exist in the industry. The VastStick works by reading all 16 microSD cards as 1.

VastStick is the world’s highest capacity USB memory stick. It is expandable up to 4TB. This means you can save 1,500 HD movies & 800,000 songs or photos in the palm of your hand. Vast Stick is a small, high capacity, and high speed USB storage device.

Advanced Features.

  1. Expandable: With Vast Stick, you can merge and amalgamate the capacity and speeds of up to 16 microSD cards.
  2. Compatibility: The Vast Stick is compatible to accept any capacity size SD cards.
  3. Fastest Speeds: You get the current transfer speeds of USB3.1 with the ability to surpass 10Gb/s in the near future.
  4. Power Reduction: It has the ability to reduce power and heat levels by over 90%.
  5. Fault Tolerance: Hardware raid-within-raid is built-in in the Vast Stick. It can be set to any raid within the device itself.
  6. No Data Loss: If the device is set to raid 1 and a card goes bad, you can easily remove it and replace it without losing any data.
  7. Versatile: It has the ability to increase number of cards and data capacity as your needs grow.
  8. Advanced Function with Speed: Input/Output Operations per Second will be over 200,000 surpassing even the fastest SSD’s.
  9. Longevity: It has a lifespan of over 20 years for normal consumer use.
  10. Back-up & Restore: It is easy to back-up and restore your files anytime on VastStick.
  11. Goodbye Cloud: You no longer need to pay any monthly or annual subscription fees to store or back up your files.
  12. Built-in Wifi: VastStick comes with an option to add Buil-in Wifi. It allows you to connect to all devices simultaneously while maintaining your Wifi connection.
  13. Wireless Sharing: With Wireless Sharing, you can share your content with over 20 users simultaneously.
  14. Security: VastStick comes with Built-in encryption. This way all your files are secured. Along with the built-in Wifi, you get AES encryption and password protection.
  15. Battery: VastStick comes with a 12000mAh built-in rechargeable lithium polymer battery. The battery lasts almost 8 hours, with just 1 hour of charging.

The VastStick App.

VastStick comes with the free VastStick App for iOS and Android devices. This easy-to-use app automatically displays your device’s content in a simple file system for quick and easy viewing of your digital media and files. The app sorts all the content on the drive according to its type, and you can simply select video, music, or photos from the menu in order to access that content.

Choose the one that suits your needs.

VastStick is the future of memory storage. You can select the storage capacity that suits you. Choose from: 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB, 2TB and 4TB. These formats are fully expandable up to an unprecedented 16TB.

Solid State Flash Array Drive.

VastStick uses the world’s first Solid State Flash Array Drive (SSFAD) patented technology. This advanced memory technology is revolutionary, durable, fast, scalable, replaceable, and expandable. You can backup an entire computer to VastStick and take it with you anywhere.

Shipping in November.

VastStick is available for pre-order on Indiegogo for $129. The estimated date of shipping is November 2017.