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Unyte: Calms You Through Interactive Meditation


Interactive meditation is a relaxation program. It makes use of breathing techniques, immersive experiences, and real-time feedback. This helps you gain more awareness of your thoughts, feelings, emotions and physical state.

Biofeedback Technology.

By combining biofeedback technology with immersive digital & VR experiences, Unyte Health Inc. makes meditation easier to learn. Study after study has shown that meditation is one of the best methods for dealing with the rigors and challenges caused by our chaotic, distracted world. A wide variety of different meditation forms and techniques have been practiced for centuries, and meditation has acquired many different meanings over the years.

Wild Divine.

Using Unyte regularly can ultimately lead to a calmer and more focused mind and body, which, as part of a healthy lifestyle, may help reduce the risk of or help living well with certain health conditions. Unyte is based on technology that was acquired from a company called Wild Divine. It sold tens of thousands of biofeedback devices in 60 countries over the past decade.

How Does It Work?

Step 1: Connect the iom2 biofeedback sensor to your ear – this will monitor your Heart Rate Variability and transmit it to your phone, tablet or computer in real-time.

Step 2: Next, select from 50 interactive experiences.

Step 3: Follow the guide and breathing indicator.

Step 4: Watch as your body’s feedback causes your resonance score to increase and the game to progress, teaching you how to meditate more effectively.

Optional: If you happen to have a VR headset, prepare to be transported to a fully immersive world.


The iom2 is a high fidelity, a low-cost biofeedback device that connects to the body by ear clip, capturing real-time data on the body’s physiological state. It’s sleek, easy to use and has been designed to allow for additional biofeedback measures to be easily added in the future.
The iom2 primarily measures Heart Rate Variability (HRV). HRV is a measure of the variation in time between heartbeats and is considered to be a strong indicator of your meditative state. It has been shown through decades of research that a higher HRV correlates with an optimal, relaxed nervous system state, positive emotions, and improved health.

What Does Unyte Do?

Unyte teaches specific breathing, mindfulness and relaxation techniques. These are proven to increase your HRV. Unyte gives you awareness of your nervous system state. This helps you learn to directly influence your HRV.

Unyte displays real-time feedback with an in-game interface. It shows a breathing indicator that guides you to a more optimum breathing rate. Your breathing rate influences your HRV and resonance score, which is clearly displayed in real-time.

Unyte’s resonance score ranges from 1 to 100% and is a direct reflection of the magnitude of your HRV. The higher your HRV, and the more relaxed you are, the higher your resulting resonance score. As your score improves, the game progresses via clear visual and audio prompts that show your body is responding.

Unyte For Professionals.

Unyte gives an innovative and effective way of introducing meditation and relaxation training to their clients. It can be helpful to psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, trainers, coaches, clinics and teachers.

Unyte already works with many of the world’s leading institutions, including well-known clinics, hospitals, schools, and organizations.

Professionals who use our products often experience increased patient engagement, compliance, and improved health outcomes. Compared to many other treatment options, Unyte is:

  • Highly effective – evidence-based results
  • Safe – no side effects
  • Affordable – low investment

Professionals can review their patients’ progress and export the iom2’s data for use in their own analytical tools or management software.

When the Unyte device is finally made available to consumers, the retail price will be $299.