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The UltraDuo Z2 Provides Solution To Driving Safety

The UltraDuo Z2

The UltraDuo Z2 is a smart dual-lens dashcam. It records video footage of the road. The videos recorded by Z2 will be solid references in the court and insurance claim. The UltraDuo Z2 is the latest generation of dual-lens dashboard camera. They help you to drive with peace of mind and protect you and your car 24/7.

Record Footage.

While travelling on the road, there is always a chance that you could get into a car accident. It could be anything from a rear-end collision caused by a distracted driver to a scratch or hit from a driver hurrying to back out of a parking lot. With so many factors, it can be difficult to place an insurance claim or provide footage that can be used in court when an accident happens.

Two lens, two directions.

With UltraDuo Z2 set up in your car, you can breathe easy. The two-lens dashboard camera comes with loop recording and auto file protection. It provides you with tremendous peace of mind while driving. Because you can record two directions at once, it’s easy to make sure that the information you need is caught on camera.

180-degree rotatable lenses.

The UltraDuo Z2 has two 180-degree rotatable lenses. The rotatable lenses have extreme mobility. You can point them in any direction you want. They record simultaneously. The left lens is a 160-degree wide angle lens. While the right lens is a telephoto zoom-in lens. It is capable of recording distances up to 164 feet (50 meters). This is helpful whether you want to record the traffic around your car, or if you want to record your conversations with your passengers.

Loop Recording.

It’s irritating when your camera doesn’t record vital information because it doesn’t have room to store it. Unlike action cameras, digital cameras, or regular video recorders, the Z2 doesn’t have a problem with memory capacity. The Z2 is equipped with the next best thing. Loop recording enables the Z2 to automatically overwrite the oldest, non-protected video files with the latest video. This means the Z2 can keep recording, even if its memory becomes full.

The Hot Key Functions.

The Hot Key functions were designed to protect both you as the driver and the other drivers on the road. These keys are positioned around the 2 inch LCD display of the Z2 and are clearly labeled for easy accessibility.
1) The ‘Mute’ button stops and continues the sound recording feature on the Z2.
2) The ‘File Protection’ button allows you to protect certain footage from the Z2’s loop recording feature so you can save important information.
3) The ‘EV Mode’ button adjusts the exposure levels of both lenses from 0, which is the default setting, and gives you the exposure options of -1, -2, and +1, +2.
The Z2 is equipped with a 2 inch LCD screen so it’s easy to operate the camera. It’s also easy to see what the camera’s recording in real time, and watch playback later.

Battery and charging.

Enabling parking mode allows the camera to turn on automatically if it detects any external force on the car. This function lets the Z2 record any potentially threatening actions, whether by vandalism or a distracted driver in a parking lot. The camera’s sensitivity is adjustable and will only activate when the camera and car are turned off . This function only works if the Z2’s internal battery has enough power. Before you drive, simply connect the Z2 to your cigarette lighter outlet to charge the battery.

Auto File Protection.

There are definitely moments in video footage that are more important than others, such as the moment of incident or impact. To ensure your vital files are saved, they have added an auto file protection function to the Z2. Whenever the camera detects an external force on your car, the file protection feature will automatically lock the footage surrounding that moment, protecting it from being overwritten in the loop recording function.

Two Editions.

The UltraDuo Z2 has two editions: standard and commercial. The standard edition features one wide angle lens and one telephoto lens. The commercial edition features two wide angle lenses.