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UBTECH Jimu Robot – The Incredible Building Blocks Robotics Kit!

UBTECH Jimu Robot

Conceived by UBTECH Robotics, a Chinese company, Jimu Robot is an efficient robotics kit for kids. It helps to build up the robot to whatever you like, program it, control it and operate it through the app on your smartphone. The company boasts of affordable, programmable robots for kids, 8 and older, with do-it-yourself inclinations.  The kit unlocks unlimited creativity and is compatible with multiple JIMU accessories.

These systems are becoming the perfect coding gateway and great enough to teach programming languages with fun for kids. Jimu Robotic Kit snaps together a little dancing humanoid, with different animal shapes to flip and even perform some awkward yoga asanas.

There are three different Jimu Robot models with various features.

  1. Explorer Kit
  2. Inventor Kit
  3. MeetBot Kit

The interactive building block robotics kit empowers children to create and program their own robots with the help of 21st-century skills and mindsets.

How to use it?

Building Jimu Robot is quite easy, you can do it with three simple steps:

  1. By using the dynamic drawing app provided by the company, you can understand how to build 3D robot designs easily.
  2. Then the app will identify your robot and connect it with Bluetooth for programming and movement simulation.
  3. After this process, you can easily share it with all your friends from all over the world with the help of community platform.

The built-in app module has given step-by-step illustrations of every part of the building procedure so that children can learn robot construction techniques. One can create your unique Robot manually with no tools required.

Some Awesome Features of Jimu Robot

  • There is a detailed in-App drawing dynamic app for your help.
  • 16 high torque servos are installed in this kit.
  • The app is too easy to design robots.
  • All the snap-in designs are very simple to incorporate.
  • The robot can be built as any type of animals like elephant, giraffe, rhinoceros, wolf and so on.
  • It has special features of interaction, education, and innovation.
  • All the processes are managed under STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and maths) learning theory.
  • The Robot has the function to perform actions like dancing and jumping, controlled through Wi-Fi.
  • The Jimu Robotics Kit has the capacity for playing time of around 1 hour on a single charge.
  • The Jimu software enables players to share their creations all over the world through JIMU community.
  • The company uses environment-friendly material that is durable and safe for children.

What are the uses of this Jimu Robotics Kit?

  • Helps children to learn team building and cooperation with their 3D imagination.
  • Sharing and communicating skills become effective.
  • Cultivates habits and improves practical abilities of children.
  • Helps them think, imagine as well as create anything they want to.
  • Make their Robot with Digital Building Blocks.
  • Enables children and teenagers to learn different subjects.

Price & Availability

UBTECH Robotics have begun rolling out their Jimu Robot Kits worldwide through eBay for $264 and $395 respectively. The entry level kit includes 372 parts and 7 servo motors while the advanced kit has 675 parts and 16 servo motors. It allows kids to build 5 different robots in which the kit includes colorful blocks, connectors, motors and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. All the motors produced in-house by the robotics company, act as moving joints along the body of the robot.


Jimu Robotics Kit is an intelligent toy with a combination of traditional building blocks and robot. It is surely unique and special, in terms of structure and programming.