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Turn Space Into Input Devices Using MUV Interface

MUV interactive

MUV interactive has created a new finger based wearable device called BIRD, which allows you to transform any surface into a touch interface as well as use gestures to control applications and appliances. MUV Interactive has launched the public sale of the Bird input device. It is described by the company as a tiny wearable for your finger that makes any space interactive.The Bird is a small plastic device. It can be worn on your index finger. The device has several sensors. The Bird can work easily with both a TV or a projector. But it works at a distance of up to 300 inches. This is done to transform spaces into seemingly massive touchscreens.

Moving Fingers In Space.

In using the Bird, there is no actual touch involved. You will be moving your fingers in space. This is to move, click, and anything else that an input device such as a touchscreen or mouse would do. The Bird weighs only 20 grams so this won’t be difficult. The Bird’s weight is just one-tenth the weight of an iPhone 6.

BIRD’s App.

The Bird also has a partner app. It makes use of several plug-ins to function as a controller for different devices. This also includes drones and smart appliances. Instead of flying a drone using its remote control, you can control it using the Bird on your own hands.

The Bird is not the first device entering the gesture-based input industry. Most of the other devices have been largely limited to gaming and TV functions. There is the Nintendo Wii, the Microsoft Kinect and the Myo Gesture Control Armband, as an example.

It Can Have A Wider Application.

Ram Parham, the CEO and co-founder of MUV Rami Parham hopes that the Bird can have much wider applications. The company envisions the device finding usage in business presentations, classrooms and living rooms.

Comes With A Microphone.

The Bird also has a microphone for voice-issued commands. It also has a capacitive touch surface. It can be controlled by your thumb for registering swipes and taps. The device is compatible with any computer running on either Windows or OS X. The Bird can also work with mobile devices powered by Android or iOS.

Supports 10 Users Simultaneously.

The Bird offers a promotional price of only $150 for the first 15,000 devices. After this the regular price of $250 kicks in. According to MUV, the company has already sold more than 15,000 units. BIRD is capable of supporting up to 10 users simultaneously. It comes with additional touch add-ons. At the current time the platform only supports Microsoft’s Windows operating system.